beacon.jpgHi Elsa,

I have Pluto conjunct my sun and square my moon natally. Does that mean that people born a year or two either side of me will carry that Pluto energy that messes with my sun and moon? I always felt somewhat uneasy around these people. Its like I am constantly challenged by them.


This is a great question. If you’re born with an outer planet or important conjunction prominent in your chart (particularly on the ascendant or midheaven) you are definitely going to be a beacon for your generation. I am in this situation, sort of the alien among my age peers.

In your case with Pluto, the Sun and Moon involved it follows you would be stimulated when surrounded by people your age (say in a classroom when you were young) however it is only energy so the negative result is optional.

By that I mean, energy is neutral until you direct it and if the energy has you feeling challenged, I would say it’s time to manipulate that energy and transform it into something more useful that doesn’t damage you (or others). For example, your intense feelings could fuel your creativity or just about anything else you could think of.

Anyone else have experience with this?

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