pisces water fairySaturn will ingress into Pisces in March of 2023. This may seem to be off in the distance but Saturn rules time which marches on!

Pisces can sneak up on a person. It morphs, conceals and disappears. Don’t be surprised when you wake up under this transit thinking, where did the time go?

Saturn with Neptune (Pisces) is a difficult combination.  I’ve battled it my entire life so I can tell you this for sure.

It’s okay if you don’t mind your reality distorted or if you think it sounds fun to spend time wondering it you’re crazy, or trying be taken seriously when others think you’re crazy.

There’s misdiagnosis on every level. People think what is real about you is fake, which allows what is fake about you to seem real but you don’t even need the other guy. You can think what is real about you is fake and what is fake is real. It’s called self-undoing which is something you must guard against with Saturn in Pisces.

Boundaries are permeable assuming they don’t disappear all together.  And if you’re not confused yet – nuance (Pisces) rules (Saturn)!  It also undermines the rules!

Satori and I plan to have workshop on this topic, beginning in August, most likely.  Saturn plans! We plan the class. You plan to attend it. It will help to know what you’re wading into here, that’s for sure.

I’ve written a lot about this mash-up, over the years. The topic is not just vast; it’s endless. Endless faith or endless fear and everything in between.

Here are a few posts, chosen because they show a (small) range of endless manifestations of Saturn Neptune energy…

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Confused if not flat-out delusional reality.

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Learn by absorbing.

Edgar Cayce’s Learning By Osmosis

How do you feel about Saturn in Pisces?  Are you looking forward to this transit?

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