prom beautiesFriday afternoon the Moon moves to Scorpio as Mercury in Taurus perfects its trine to Scorpio-ruler Pluto. The collective mood downshifts, but not in a bad way: into Barry White, low-and-slow gear; Chaka Khan, Tell Me Something Good gear. The words, the senses, the STYLES and attitudes matter.

That Moon carries forward into trine with Vesta and quincunx to Jupiter in Aries. If you’re devoted, you can make it happen… big time.

Venus heads into conjunction with Uranus, exact Saturday afternoon/evening. Attraction can start or stop in an instant.

Taken together – mood and desire – I’d say watch your motivations when you feel driven to make something happen. Mars is moving along in Chiron’s wake, and we’re likely operating with a few burrs under our saddle… some triggers from damage active? Consider the consequences along with the urges.

Saturday night, the Scorpio Moon opposes Venus and Uranus then opposes Pallas Athena. The ability to change someone else’s mind or heart is palpably powerful, but is it wise? Is this a whim, a pattern of yours or theirs? Consider if it benefits you, or who it does benefit. Sometimes scratching an itch is exquisitely delightful. Sometimes it inflames the itch and makes it painful.

Sunday morning, the Scorpio Moon squares Saturn and trines Neptune. It goes on to sextile Pluto and oppose Mercury. This brings a chance to dig down deep and check in with yourself, what you know and feel and think about all that’s come to light during the time since the eclipses. Slow down and listen (sense). It’s loud, but not in the world loud… more like bone conduction or intuition. Is it right and fair? Am I deluded or leaning in to a fantasy? Or am I creating my own barriers to following my heart?

Later the Moon moves to Sagittarius, picking up a square to Vesta and trine to Sadge-ruler Jupiter (exact overnight). Misplaced faith corrected? An urge to elope, run away? We shall see.

Do you have any weekend plans?

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