full blue moonThe recent stellium of planets in Pisces has moved on, leaving Neptune behind. You might think the benefit planets, Venus and Jupiter did not good at all. But it’s possible they spared us from what we have now, which is widespread disillusionment.  Sorry, but it’s like a virus.

One problem with this is Neptune in Pisces does not have any kind of handle. No handle. No lines. No brake. You’re up against a cloud here.

It’s super interesting because Saturn is headed into Pisces. That’ll be a trip.  And I’m not dissing Pisces. I’m just reporting what I see.  Virtually every client I work with is experiencing some level of unfulfillment and/or discouragement.

I don’t think these feelings can be dealt with, using Neptune energy alone.  I have some ideas about this which I hope to cover in another post.  For now, are you part of this?

Are you feeling disenchanted?  If so, how are you coping?

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