achillesI touched on how oppositions work in today’s video. I wanted to ask about the oppositions in your chart and how you see them manifest. To facilitate this, I thought I’d write about Chiron opposing Pluto in Virgo which is the only opposition in my natal chart.

If you have Chiron in Pisces opposing Pluto; intense and often, extreme suffering is going to part of your life script. I don’t think this can be avoided though I do think you can deny it or forget about or avoid thinking about it for periods of time. Matter of fact, I don’t think you can avoid periods of bliss anymore than you can avoid the suffering. These things are in flux all the time.

As an example, I can dig deep (Pluto) to write something (Virgo). It’s pretty clinical, see? I know certain things and I mean I know them, deeply. So I’ll to this Virgo work and I may even enjoy it. I probably do enjoy it but then what happens?

With the work done, I fall into an unhealable see of emotion. I just love being endlessly broken! NOT. It causes me waves of intense pain. Maybe a little self-loathing thrown in. It’s a sacrifice.

I’ve been doing this; writing about my life with the shadowy parts included for almost 25 years. Do you think it gets easier? It doesn’t. Or rather, I may believe it does aka trick myself, but then I find myself in the familiar sea of pain.

Now I don’t wallow in the sea. I transcend the pain, clearly. How else would I be here every day getting my ass kicked?

Notice I don’t blame anyone for this. I know it’s me. There is always going to be a banana peel for me to slip on and whoosh!

I also want to mention, this aspect is also tied to my (repulsive) charisma. More on that here:

Chiron – You Can’t Buy Charisma

Do you have Chiron in Pisces opposing Pluto? Can you relate to this?

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