Lila paw patrolThe moon will leave Virgo for Libra midmorning. Libra likes to keep an even keel.

This may be the prevailing feeling but you can expect a challenge to your need (moon) for peace (Libra). It’s because the moon will oppose provocateur, Mars in Aries conjunct Jupiter for roughly 24 hours.

I have a little male dog who prods the giant, TV watching, Lila, to get up and fight. Or to get going or something. He’d be Mars in Aries in this case.

You may find yourself in this scenario over the next couple days. If so, you get to see astrology in action but there’s more to understand, deeper down.

Aries and Libra are Cardinal signs. They like to be in control. My little dog wants to rouse, Lila. She does not have to react. Keep this in mind, if someone attacks or attempts to trigger you in some way.

This does not have to be a “war” type thing. The aggressor may simply want to go on a date! In reality, I’m pretty sure this is what my little dog wants from the beautiful queen, Lila. I just didn’t want to say it but realized I need to in order to make my point.

It’s pretty funny, really. If someone comes for you today, try to discern just exactly what it is they want.

Do you want to give it to them?
If so, how? If not, how will you resist?
See how it’s challenging?

In most cases we’ll be looking at civilized sparring. But Jupiter is involved so it can potentially get out of hand.

Let us know if someone picks a fight with you or vice-versa.

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