planets alignBy June 24th, five planets and the moon will align from Earth’s perspective. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be visible together with the crescent moon.

This formation will begin to come together the second half of June.  It’s be dubbed, The Great Alignment.

More details here: Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn Align

great alignment

This is what the chart looks like.

From now on, when I write about “clustered planets”, this is the picture that will be in my mind’s eye.

It’s really very interesting. When a beginner asks me about the huge stellium in their chart, I explain how the planets stack up from time to time. If the stellium in large enough, it will be on the news.  This association helps people comprehend the conditions when they came into the world.

The Grand Alignment is similar in that it’s being reported, but it’s very different in that the situation is not immediately recognizable from the chart.  I’m not sure what this means but the picture is so striking, I thought I’d post it and ask what you think.

What do you think?

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