elements squareIt’s fairly well known, a Grand Trine in a chart is a gift but often a curse in direct proportion.  You tend to fall into the ease the Grand Trine provides. Consequently, the rest of the planets and areas of life, excluded by the Grand Trine sort of rot away.  Assuming you know astrology, you’ll realize this when the more challenging aspects of your chart are triggered by a transit.

This is a blatant example and something to understand but you don’t need a Grand Trine to suffer from this problem. Often enough a person will have a strong trine or sextile, generally involving their sun. They’re very comfortable expressing their well-supported Solar energy.

It’s not intentional but the person will opt to live in the easy aspect and view everything through this lens.  They’ll also identify themselves by the qualities of the harmonies part of their chart. For example, an Aries sun with a Sagittarius may like to GO!  They will tell you this as if it is all there is to know.  Again, this is  not intentional or malicious in any way. It’s what they are doing all the time so it makes sense.

It doesn’t have to be Fire. Water signs, same thing. “I feel! I’m sensitive!” Earth signs, same thing. Air signs, same thing. “I don’t like to get bogged down!”

The statements will be true. It’s just a bit like facing the mirror and not turning to look at your backside.

The problem is, your backside might be your strongest point! How would you like to find this out?

This has happened to me! I was flat out told, every time I left a group of people, they discussed my butt. My butt? I thought I had great hair, dimples and sexy moles!  I’m serious.  This astrology thing is the same phenomenon.

Think about how you characterize yourself and then match it to your chart. What are you leaving out?

If you can identify something, ask yourself if you are utilizing the energy available to you. Chances are, you’re not. If you can incorporate the parts of yourself you’re divorced from, it could truly change your life.

What features or abilities do you have that are sorely underused if not completely ignored?

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