kaliedscopeThe full moon in Sagittarius will take place at twenty-three degrees, early in the morning on June 14th.  The sun and moon will square Neptune in Pisces at twenty-five degrees.  Neptune is slowed down, preparing to station and turn retrograde later this month.  Consider it to be particularly, “Neptooney”.

I feel it’s impossible to call this one because whatever I might say, it will be the opposite… also?  I’ll explain.

Sagittarius is aligned with the truth. Full moons illuminate things, literally, but so?

What you believe is far more important. Sagittarius is also aligned with beliefs.   What you believe is your truth, for the most part.  And it can be imagined.

Now I am not trying to get into problematic territory. We all do this!  “I thought he loved me.” Or, “I believed her.”  Or, “I believed I loved her…”

The truth is only the truth if you believe it. If you don’t believe it, the truth is a lie.

kaleidoscope tubeI might believe the veil will lift (Neptune) and people might be informed (Sun in Gemini) of some truth (Sagittarius).  But if they don’t believe this truth, did anything even occur?

I will be watching this full moon closely because I think it will be utterly fascinating.

I wish there were still kaleidoscopes to be found.  There was plenty to see inside of them, including the way life works!

I’ll say this; it’s a really good time to change your mind or shift your perspective. But you can also avoid these things or delude yourself, trick others or be tricked. You can also so everything I just listed, simultaneously!

I believe I can understand life, looking into a cardboard tube.  Am I delusional or do I just see things differently than you do?

I think this is why we need each other. I can tell you what I see in my tube or via the astrology charts that flutter through, filling my life for forty years.  You can tell me what you know or what you believe via whatever methods you employ.

What do you think of this full moon set-up?

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