This will be my Progressed chart by the end of the year. I first saw this coming in 2018.  Knowing where you’re headed is a real advantage.  With Mercury and Venus leaving Libra, I’m thinking, bye bye, codependence!

With those planets in one house and one sign, “specialist” may not be a strong enough word. Thank God for Mars in Scorpio. I should be an effective helper with the stamina to make it through some type of Fixed daily routine.

It definitely looks like I’ll be consulting and writing.  But with this level of concentration, I think there will be more to do. Like caregiving, for example. It looks like much of what I do will be covert in some way.

I can’t say I was happy when I saw this but I do have a packed 8th house, natally. It’s not like this type stuff is unknown to me.

This chart made me think about, Doug Bennett. He’s a (dead) double Scorpio with Venus and Mars in Virgo.  You can see why I thought of him.  He’s the man who wrote a song about working in a dirty grave. It makes me laugh just to read that. You either get it or you don’t.

Doug Bennett’s band, Doug And The Slugs, was one of my all-time favorites. From the instant I heard them I was sold. The lyrics, deep, insightful, creative, original, clever and funny. Now I think it’s funny that four decades later, I’m Doug!

Note that Progressed Jupiter in Aquarius squares the Scorpio.  That might be a problem for some but not for me. How about, crazy perspective on my angst? That’s a good premise, right there.

Here is one of Doug’s masterpieces.  He’s Canadian, by the way.

What’s happening in your Progressed Chart?
What’s happening in your Progressed Chart five years from now?

You can get a report here – Progressed Chart Report. They are interesting!

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