On May 25th, 2022 Mars Enters Aries, the sign of his domicile. If you’ve been feeling a bit off lately, this will now change.

Mars in Aries is not just a regular sign ingress. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Mars is Aries’ ruling planet. Mars leaves behind Pisces’ muddy waters and enters Aries, kickstarting a 2-year hero’s journey of courage and empowerment

Just like Neo in the Matrix, Mars in Aries gives us a choice. We can stay in the comfort of the metaphorical mother’s womb OR we take a plunge to the other side – even if we’re naked, fragile, and vulnerable. 

The key word is ‘courage’. Mars in Aries is not the undefeated boxing champion. He doesn’t go out into the world because he’s strong, he goes out because he just ‘knows’ the time has come.

In my astrology work I pay special attention to 2 planetary archetypes: Mars and Chiron. Mars, because it links the personal planets with the social planets, and Chiron because it links the social planets with the outer planets. 

While Chiron represents our spiritual longing to reconcile nature and spirit and become whole, Mars represents our everyday efforts to integrate in society – to snap out of our safe, subjective bubble (represented by the personal planets) and integrate into the world (represented by the social planets Jupiter and Pluto. 

Mars – Stepping Out And Getting Feedback

Depression, procrastination, anxiety, and many other issues can be traced back to an unintegrated Mars; can be traced back to our inability to get out into the world to get vulnerable, to get feedback

Mars is the first planet to make a full circle around the Sun (as seen from Earth). Mercury and Venus never venture outside the bounds of the Sun. Mars is the first planet that gets out there to fight the monster. To conquer the uncharted territory. The risks are high, but so are the rewards. 

We know we have a “Mars problem” when we talk about “my thoughts” (Mercury), “my feelings” (Venus) but there’s no actual action to follow up on them.

Why? Because taking action, getting out there means accepting feedback. It means rejection. It means we may need to make some adjustments. 

People who can’t accept feedback miss opportunities for growth, remaining stuck in a cycle of inaction and procrastination.

Better routines and rituals won’t fix the procrastination problem, because the real issue is psychological: a fear of feedback, a fear of changing the status quo, a fear of snapping out of our bubble. 

People, companies, organizations, governments – all suffer from a lack of courageous Mars energy. Have you noticed when you work one-on-one with someone, make a more important purchase, or complete an online course, how seldom you’re asked to fill out a survey or give feedback? 

It’s not that these people or service providers don’t care. Most of them do. But the fear of finding out what’s not working trumps everything else.

The antidote to fear – courage – is one of the most important life skills, and can make a huge difference in our quality of life. 

Mars In Aries – Courage To Act

And that’s exactly what Mars’ purpose is. To give us the courage to act

Mars is in domicile in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. In Aries, Mars does what he knows best: puts himself out there and takes action. 

When Mars is in other signs, we easily find reasons not to take action.

Mars in Taurus? “It takes too long”. Mars in Gemini? “I can’t focus”. Mars in Cancer? “What if it hurts other people’s feelings?” Mars in Leo?” What if I make a fool of myself?”. Mars in Virgo? “What if it’s not perfect?”. Mars in Libra? “That would be too inconsiderate”. 

If Mars in other signs can overcomplicate things, Mars in Aries’ strength is exactly his inexperience. He has nothing but his drive, passion, and instinct to guide him. 

When Mars is in Aries, we naturally connect with that part of our psyche that is ready for action.

Mars In Aries – May 25th – July 5th, 2022

From May 25th onwards all have the opportunity to embody Mars in Aries’s courage into our lives. Mars will be in Aries for approximately 6 weeks, until July 5th, 2022.

Last time Mars was in Aries (July-December 2020), he also went retrograde, spending 6 months in the sign. Some themes that surfaced back then may resurface now. And this time around Mars won’t be 6 months in Aries, but 6 weeks only. One more reason to take action. 

Taking action doesn’t necessarily mean being excessively bold. We don’t have to quit your job or start backpacking around the world. We can take action in much subtler ways.

To find out what type of action is appropriate, you just want to tune into that part of you that is alive, inspired and motivated

If we want to live a more authentic, fulfilling life, the very first step is connecting with our Mars in Aries courage

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