dominosJust based on supply chain problems alone, I think most feel things are slowing down now, to a point where it cannot be denied. In fact, I can’t think of anyone who has not been impacted at this point, to varying degrees.

Some are extremely pessimistic. Others have been hopeful but are now slipping into the other camp, again, in varying degrees. There are many ways to think about this. I’m wondering if it is down and then up? Or is it down and not coming back up?

I’m talking about the country (yours or mine), the stock market, businesses (yours and mine), etc.   It’s broad.  We might even consider the “collective” mood.

In the very near term, with Mercury retrograde, I doubt we much of anything, reverses. But what do you think of the prospects over time?  Let’s say a year, or two, or five?

Uranus may also be a factor. There is a feeling that a surprise is right around the corner.

This situation may also be tied to the scrunched up planets.  We have another six weeks before this situation shifts.

Planets Clustered On One Side Of The Zodiac: Outcast?

You may want to keep the parts of your life shown by the inactive houses, alive. It’s as if they’re dying from being cut off from the energy that sustains them. This is true for a lot of businesses as well. And as this or that business dies, it generally takes others with it, eventually.

Hey, I’m sorry if this is depressing.  But I really wonder not only what people think but what they see out there.

Doom? Or Dip?

What do you think?

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