Uranus symbol modI am not sure how to integrate storytelling into my blog in this era but a lot of people have let me know they like my stories showing up or back up, in some cases. I know this: true stories teach astrology like nothing else.  I tell stories, organically, I don’t know how else to say this.  The stories are all true, so they fit together. It may not seem like it (if you’re new here).

For example, I posted “California” and was surprised at the very positive responses. Hey! I love the story but it has a lot of provocative comments in it. This is a plus for me but people have different tastes.  I posted, Heaven, I Mean Circle K, next.  Very different story but clearly similar. I mean, I am in them and you can see how I think.

This is when I picked up my first problem. People who read the first (non-swearing) story liked it but when they clicked to, California, it’s horrifying.  The deal here is I am real and the dialogue I write (even if I am talking to myself) is “actual” as in “verbatim”.  So I am going to sound different at different ages, in different circumstances.  Also, consider why I am telling the stories.

I am not telling them so you like me, like crafting an image on Facebook. I am telling them because they are powerful. I don’t care how that sounds. I know it to be true.

So anyway, I’m getting into this today because I want to tell you something freaky, you’d never guess in a million years. And this happened, why?  It happened because I have Uranus in my 7th house.

Do you remember what happened to me in, California, and how that story ended? I got home, right?  And guess what happened two days later? See, this is how I knew I was twelve in that story. I corrected my sister.  It’s because I got home and two days later this boy showed up at my house in the desert.

Now there were no boys in the desert or anything else. No phone. No TV, but I walked outside and my sister was talking to this boy who was so good-looking I couldn’t breathe. What boy?  The boy with the Bad Moon Rising brother.

Bad Moon Rising (With Aries)

I looked at him. He looked at me.  He asked my sister, “Who is that?”

I started high school about two weeks later. I was a twelve-year-old freshman and I had a boyfriend before I even got there.  A football player with a Volkswagen Van not less.

So you see, this is pretty good, considering what happened in California. My 7th house Uranus aspects Jupiter and fortunes do change.

I try to remember this when I’m in the hard-knock periods of my life.  God always has a plan.

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