It must be this Scorpio eclipse. I got thinking about someone in my past or more particularly, their brother.  It was my high school boyfriend on my mind.  Pretty serious relationship, really. Three years and voted “most likely to marry”. In whatever case, he had a brother.

His brother was older and very, Very, VERY good looking. My bf was good looking too, but not like his brother. The brother was dark and broody and liked Creedence Clearwater Revival.  This song in particular:

I was intimidated by this. Like I said, he was older. He also had this girlfriend who he wasn’t that nice to. My boyfriend was a hero-type, of course. He would tell his brother not to be an asshole. I would stand (WAY) back.

So then one day, the brothers went out to cut some firewood.  You drive to the desert in Arizona to get wood. No cell phones back then.  My boyfriend has rolled his VW van; two days after he got it running and painted. His parents had restricted him from driving.

Out in the desert, the brother set the chainsaw down on a piece of wood. It flew up and cut his face, forehead to chin. Yeah. Blood everywhere.

I think my boyfriend was sixteen at this time. He took off his shirt to wrap his brother’s face; got him into the truck and took him to the hospital.

It’s striking, isn’t it? The accident was horrific but this man was profoundly good looking.  It left me speechless back then and it still does.

Anyway, they stitched him up and he healed up.  The last time I saw him, his face was together, with a fresh jagged scar down it. He still looked good, you may be able to imagine. I’m saying he had a freakish scar but he was recognizable.

I searched this guy today; something I have never done before. The parents gave all of their seven children, unique names so I found him immediately. I just wanted to see where he wound up.

Before I typed his name, I was thinking, he was a druggie. That was the word back then; my boyfriend did not approve?  I can’t say I was surprised when I found him in prison. But I’ll tell you want did surprise me.  They offered a list of his “known aliases”.  His brother’s name is on it.

Great, huh?  That’s just ducky, as we might have said back in the day.

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