aries ram in grass“The thing that cowardice fears most is decision.”
– Soren Kierkegaard

Jupiter is in Aries now and themes around “courage” have already emerged. People look to Jupiter for good luck and fortune. Some enjoy more of these things than others. This is probably due to your chart in part, but the choices you make have a big effect.

To get the most from Jupiter, you have to be OPEN. There is no way to learn or expand or become educated when you’ve got your perimeter locked down. This means, leave the house, try things that are new, stretch your beliefs and such.

With Jupiter in Aries, fortune will be tied to action, bravery, guts and gallantry. There are rewards for such things but you must engage.  It’s not coming to you; you’re going to it.

Fear is widespread at this time. So is confusion. Mars-ruled Aries cuts through such things as well as solving Libra’s dilemma, “I can’t decide.”

It may not be in your nature to assert yourself but I’m pretty sure, grace and protection (Jupiter) is on offer for anyone who takes up the challenge during this period.

How will you use this powerful energy in your life?

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