We head into the week with the ultimate, sluggish Mercury – smack in between the eclipses. All week long, we are tending the seeds of fresh dreams. With the subtle energetic shifts as we get further from the new and closer to the full, there be WEEDS. GASP!

Early Tuesday, Mercury goes retrograde at 4 degrees Gemini, one of the two signs it rules. In the evening, Mercury moves back over the early degrees of Gemini and all the way back to Taurus over the next few weeks. It stations direct at 26 Taurus on the third of June, the same degree as the Sun in our upcoming full moon eclipse.

Tuesday night, Jupiter moves from the end of Pisces to the beginning of Aries – the final degree to the very start of the zodiac: the Aries point. Jupiter will begin its own retro period at the end of July, hitting these same degrees with the concluding eclipses in late October and early November. This heralds a momentous change of the narrative, of our fated path.

On Saturday, Venus in Aries conjoins Chiron, highlighting the value of our hard-won growth, sadder but wiser and proud of it.

All week long, the Sun moves into square with Saturn and sextile to Neptune, both exact midday Sunday the 15th. Settled Taurus is softened up for a shift of reality… gaining in power as the Sun heads into trine with Pluto as the full moon approaches (next Sunday night / Monday morning).

The Moon is what takes us from eclipse to eclipse… the Sun is the little hand and the Moon is the big hand on the ticking clock of our fated, connected lives.

Monday the Leo Moon opposes Saturn then moves through the point of a yod with Pluto and Jupiter. We get a chance to judge the scale of our personal change by how we fare in opposition to challenge from outside ourselves. A lion’s heart fares well. Honor your own creative heart and take up your shield of hot, burning fun and jaunty self esteem. When the Moon moves to Virgo in the evening, it heads into square with Virgo-ruler Mercury, exact overnight as Mercury makes its turn. Tremendous anticipation!

On Tuesday, with Mercury in budding retro, the Virgo Moon trines Uranus and heads into opposition to Mars overnight. Do we know what to do? Maybe. Or perhaps we’re pushed into action and the knowing is internal. In any case, if quick action is EASY, the feelings around it may take time to unfold.

Wednesday, the Virgo Moon completes its opposition to Mars then trines the Sun. It then opposes Neptune and trines Pluto, heading into opposition with Jupiter. The practical mood allows us to embrace the echo of voices and info that only reach our ears now… tho spoken in the past. OR perhaps the meaning brings a different flavor: “Ohhhhhhh!” When we know better, we have the power to do better.

Thursday brings a Venus-ruled Libra Moon, a grand opposition to Jupiter (on the Aries point) and a trine to newly moving, retro Mercury. Venus in Aries delights in a quick grab for pleasure, but it’s possible there’s more talk than action now. So take pleasure in all the big talk about what we’re GOING to do. Or in broadcasting old talk about what we’ve DONE.

Then the Libra Moon heads into opposition to the Venus-Chiron conjunction overnight. This is more likely to come down to fairness in healing rather than overt sexual healing, but relationships will benefit from the openness to genuine appreciation for the sacred healing of truth. You can’t fix an issue you don’t address.

On Friday, the Moon moves unfettered through the morning then heads into trine with Saturn and square to Pluto in the afternoon and evening. Remember the Saturn-Uranus clash? Some of those issues arise again. They only have the power you give them, but the feelings they cause are real. Take the time to address those feelings.

As we head into the weekend, there’s a strong sense of reality shifting toward a transformational path.

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