fireFriday night, the Cancer Moon trines Neptune and goes on to oppose Pluto and trine Jupiter overnight. Water, water everywhere and oh so much pressure to drink! Or whatever the pressure points to, self control is the issue.

In peak effect Friday night, exact early Saturday, the Taurus Sun finally perfects its sextile to Mars in Pisces. Whatever you do, divine timing has your back, to tangible effect. You know when it’s right – and glide on in, invisible.

That influence doesn’t dissipate directly, but continues on like a stream underground.

Saturday night, the Moon in Leo is Sun-ruled and boldly makes its way through sextile to Mercury and trine to Venus. The mood is wholly creative and clever, your best bet to swing last minute plans into high flying capers! Capers with elegant, life-affirming, and athletic happy endings.

Sunday morning, the Moon continues in Leo with a trine to Chiron, a chance to explore expanded capabilities, your new superpowers from past wounding. By afternoon and through the evening, the Moon squares Uranus and the Sun, as we feel old habits die hard – but quickly.

As we pivot from the past new moon eclipse to the future full moon, notice the slowing of communications (or the slowing efficiency of communications…) and sensory info as Mercury slows (turning retro on Tuesday). Pay extra attention to the ways in which you’re mapping out future paths, future gains as the Sun leverages its connection to Mars and heads toward conjunction with the north node: the beginnings of forging the ideal path.

The best laid plans go awry and all, but best laid plans are perfection till implemented. Mapping the ideal is an exciting process all on its own. Enjoy the chance to stuff them full of dreams and try them on in your head. Many will stick!

What are your weekend plans?

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