USA Midterms 2022 in Astrology

As I publish this US Midterms astrology prediction on 5th May 2022, The New York Times predicts the Democrats will lose the Midterms. Yet, predicting Democrat or Republican winners for any election is a bad idea. It deters Americans from voting. It’s fair enough to ask, as the BBC does on Twitter, “What will Republicans do if they win Congress?” but discouraging you from voting because “astrology knows the outcome” (or the New York Times does) is unwise.

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What we can predict though, is the most shocking Midterms election in years. With a cover-up. And along the way, the real story for America, as shown by the horoscope, is a long national fight over abortion.

This cover-up will pull in Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. So it’s about more than a woman’s right to choose. It’s about American sex.

In this feature I will look at the American astrology chart, which successfully predicted Trump’s impeachment; his COVID-19 illness in October 2020 and a Bitcoin crash.

It works well and it will also tell us that the 2022 US Midterms will leave jaws on the floor. And a mystery for all time. Vote with your eyes open on the 2022 Midterms – but even then, this is an eclipse election and we will all have a blind spot. Until we don’t. Any astrology prediction for the Midterms 2022 just has to take into account what is concealed on the day (it’s huge) along with the shock that is coming.

Abortion and the Midterms

For all that the Supreme Court and the Republicans are trying to overturn the right for women to end their own pregnancy, the U.S. horoscope shows an ironic twist. Abortion actually becomes easier, for a short time, right after the Midterms: from March 24th to June 11th 2023. You read that right. This Twitter meme is viral as I publish this in May 2022 (featured). It shows Generation Aquarius (Millennials) voting the Aquarian way. So – for equality. Feminism. For a short time in 2023 people power, and particularly women, will get what they want – on abortion.

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The Slow Road to Easier Abortion

A storm is coming. But the initial March 2023 rush to easier abortions in America will be blocked and stopped for some years. Get ready for that. After June 11th 2023, the American astrology chart shows there is a push back against the Democrats and abortion, all the way until January 21st 2024 led by the Republican right-wing states.

Yet, January 22nd 2024 through September 2nd 2024 shows another push the other way!

This is how the astrology goes for some years: a slow, complex, stop-start delivery of more affordable, accessible abortion in America (likely through the online ordering of abortion pills for pregnancies up to 11 weeks). Yet, this entire rolling storm will end in the states splitting from each other over more than just the abortion issue. From the mid 2020’s this is the Un-United States of America. The astrology prediction for the Midterms 2022 shows a split.

You can see the wrangling over abortion in the American horoscope from September 2nd 2024 until November 19th 2024 – though Republican anti-abortion states will begin to push back, from May 26th 2024 until June 9th 2025.

This then becomes a revolution (a national rebellion) with America becoming intensely localised, and divided by regional politics; thus, a radically different nation from July 8th 2025, when neighbouring states will take a stand against each other until 2032. And it won’t just be on women’s rights. It may cover other issues, like border control. COVID-19. Immigration. The United States will cease to be united from 2025, partly as a result of the Midterms 2022.

Roe V. Wade in Astrology

Partly because of the uproar over Roe V. Wade, powerful Pluto in his new sign of Aquarius will be blocking and stopping unwanted births in America, on a new level – for around 20 years, starting in March 2023. That does not mean Republican states will not revolt, though, and that is why the nation divides.

The American Astrology Chart – Born on 2nd January 1776

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Finding the Real US Astrology Chart

There are 20 astrology charts for the US in The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). I don’t use any of them. The only astrology chart for the US I have ever found to work, is set for 2nd January 1776. This is the first time we find the term ‘United States of America’ used in an official capacity.

The real US horoscope comes from a letter from Stephen Moylan to Joseph Reed, dated January 2nd 1776. It’s the Christening of America, just before the flag appears.

2nd January 1776 300x276 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction How a 1776 Letter Proves the US Natal Chart

This letter (pictured) is not only dated, it is also the first time the phrase ‘The United States of America’ appears in official correspondence. As I outlined in my book, 2020 Astrology, the US horoscope set for 2nd January 1776 reveals exact astrology timing for these massive events – and more.

The Declaration of Independence
The Wall Street Crash
Pearl Harbour

How the US Astrology Chart Predicted a Flag Change

I predicted a flag change for America back on 5th December 2017, four years before it was planned, using the 2nd January 1776 astrology chart for the USA. The forecast for America on this website commented, “May 2021 – New Flag, New Image.” The flag change discussion came about, because in April 2021, the US House passed a bill to make Washington the 51st state. The Guardian validated the astrology prediction with this story on Monday 3rd May 2021. The report ran: “Progressives from Arizona to New York have taken pictures with 51-star flags to show their support for making DC the first new state to join the union since Hawaii in 1959.”

GUARDIAN FLAG 300x225 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

True Bitcoin Astrology Predictions

The second forecast I made using that 2nd January American astrology chart you see here – was about cryptocurrency. You read it on this website in 2017. The story was headlined “May 2021 – Digital Currency Revolution.” This turned out to be the Bitcoin crash, which the American chart foresaw.

The Guardian pegged the crash to 21st May 2021 and the prediction was made way back on 5th December 2017. The revolution, of course, was that when Bitcoin dropped in price, more Americans bought it.

Two True Trump Predictions

Before we can even get into the Midterms and the years of wrangling over abortion laws, eventually resulting in a state split – let’s talk about Trump. First up, there is no point in using the Donald Trump ‘astrology chart’ as he has given two different birthdates. Some years ago, I filed election predictions about Trump based on the data he gave. They were wrong. I no longer use either set of data.  The astrology prediction for the Midterms 2022 ignores his data.

When we use the most accurate American astrology chart, though, set for 2nd January 1776, it’s possible to date-stamp forecasts for America and help your Midterm voting choices. Here are some old predictions about Trump using that chart.

The Trump Impeachment Predicted With Astrology

Here it is. Predicted on 26th December 2017.

Trump and COVID-19 in October 2020

Also using the American chart, I predicted Donald Trump would go down, possibly from illness, in October. There is a video interview with me dating from September 25th 2020 here, making that prediction at the Breaking Down the Borders astrology conference.

As you know, both Donald and Melania Trump both became infected with COVID-19 in October and left the White House. That prediction, using the correct American, chart is also written on this website, dated 26th January of that year, 2o20 – so ten months prior.

Trump COVID 277x300 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

The Success of Biden and Harris

Once again, using the only reliable American astrology chart, the success of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris was something I predicted on 19th October 2020 in a front-page story for The Daily Mail.

The American Astrology Chart and Midterms

So, this works. The US astrology chart set for 2nd January 1776 is more than fit for purpose. So now, let’s drill down into Midterms 2022 astrology so we can make an informed choice.

The informed choice everyone has to make, will involve a great deal more than anyone suspects now, on 5th May 2022. America will register a tremendous shock. There may be electrical storms across the U.S. in November 2022, which often happens on a Uranus transit. And it is an astonishing Uranus transit that we are about to see.

America, Hygiea and the North Node in Leo

America was born with a conjunction between the North Node at 16 Leo (parenthood) and Hygiea, a symbol of ‘prevention not cure’ nearby at 15 Leo. This is a fated statement about birth control and unwanted pregnancy in the history of the United States and in its future, too. It is opposite the South Node at 16 Aquarius.

The uproar over the news that the Supreme Court would Roe V. Wade would be overturned took place on 3rd May 2022.

On that day, Uranus was at 14 Taurus making a very close T-Square to America’s North Node at 16 Leo, Hygiea at 15 Leo and South Node at 16 Aquarius. A T-Square in astrology is about trouble and tension. The issues? Pregnancy and the group. The group in this case was the Supreme Court circle. The other group? Protesting Democrats.

Scorpio and Sex in Midterm Predictions

For as much as Leo is associated with pregnancy, adoption and abortion, Scorpio is associated with sex, death and money. America was founded with Venus at 25 Scorpio. On 3rd May 2022 when the news broke about the Supreme Court overturning the Roe V. Wade abortion law, Saturn was at 24 Aquarius and Ceres was at 25 Gemini. So – the American astrology chart that predicted Trump’s October downfall – is also showing up ahead of the ‘abortion’ Midterms. That voting day is set for Scorpio weather. So the result, but also the cover-up on the day, is about American sex. Twitter is obsessing about the abortion issue as this is published. Correct. But what happens on the Midterms goes beyond the overturning of a 1973 law. It will take the whole nation into its own dark past. Any astrology prediction for the Midterms 2022 has to go back to the sordid history of rape, in America, way back to slavery, and the tragedy of backyard abortion.

MSNBC 300x224 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

Expect the Cover-Up on 8th May 2022

You can expect a cover-up involving sex, death and money in the US on Midterms election day, Tuesday 8th May 2022. This is an election unlike any other. Expect the dramatically unexpected on Midterms 2022.

There will be a shock, as I’ve said. There will be an enormous cover-up which will only come out, in part, much later. If you want to know the core of the issues that day, they are in money laundering and prostitution.

We have a Full Moon Eclipse at 25 Scorpio, opposite the Sun at 25 Taurus, on 8th November, 2022 and it will fall exactly on America’s Venus. This is a huge cover-up and it involves the elite at the top of politics and business. So, it’s a democratic vote by ordinary Americans (people power) but targets the very top.

America’s Pluto at 25 Capricorn and the Midterms

Why the focus on the elite? The rich, the famous, the powerful?  Aspects on Midterms election day 2022 also target America’s Pluto at 25 Capricorn.

We might speculate this is about Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.  Not to mention Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre (below, in People). After all, there is a lot of Scorpio around the Midterms date. And Scorpio rules sex (Maxwell) and death (as we know, Epstein allegedly killed himself). You can take the Midterms out of Scorpio Season, but you can’t take Scorpio Season out of the Midterms.

PRINCE ANDREW 300x184 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein?

We will have to wait for the classic eclipse diversion (“Look over there! Not over here!”) which will take place on 8th May. Be on the lookout for it, as you vote. The fact is, overturning the abortion laws in America is something that came from the impeached former president, Donald Trump. And he is tied into America’s fate at Midterms 2022 along with Amy Coney Barrett.

In a moment I will look at how Nostradamus predicted that, naming ‘Amy’ and talking about an issue dear to every Catholic’s heart: abortion. The old French mystic saw this coming.

Nostradamus and Amy Coney Barrett – Predicted in 2019

This is quite an old prediction from me, published on this website on 19th April 2019, and an even older prediction from Nostradamus who was seeing the future many centuries in advance.

The Amy question in the piece, turned out to be a question worth asking – as we now know in May 2022 –  and I asked it, before Trump admitted the staunch anti-abortion Catholic Amy Coney Barrett, to the Supreme Court.

Fated Day – Midterms Tuesday 8th November 2022

Modern astrology is very simple. You don’t need a lot of complicated charts or endless techniques. It’s based on history and sociology. What happened to America the last time we saw these cycles? Which generations (with which zodiac signs prominent) are now on the planet in their millions?

America’s horoscope reveals these Midterms 2022 patterns throughout her history. They always turn up when there are much larger issues than just an election: for example, the right of women to control what happens to their bodies.

Which generations are voting on Midterms 2022? The generations born with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Scorpio. They are unusually preoccupied with the price of sex (and the cost of abortion). It’s almost written into the astrological DNA of the millions born with those placements.

Generation Scorpio, Generation Aquarius

These Scorpio generations will vote strongly and in large numbers – either way. For some the issue is poor women being unable to afford abortion (Democrat) and for others the issue will be the moral or ethical price of ending a life, even if it’s just four weeks along.

The other generation voting in the Midterms 2022 is Generation Aquarius. Millennials born with Uranus and/or Neptune in Aquarius, the sign of diversity and equality. They are feminists, be they male or female. They will vote Democrat.

Yet, nobody should predict any outcome from this 2022 Midterms election. Anyone can toss a coin and see Democrats or Republicans. What the astrology portends is an ongoing story that began with Jeffrey Epstein.

So this is about more than just a November vote. It goes deeply into the moral, ethical, spiritual past, present and future of the US.

The 8th November 2022 Eclipse

There is a substantial cover-up and blind spot involving sex, death and money on the day of voting – Tuesday 8th November 2022. The Sun is at 16 Scorpio opposite a Full Moon at 16 Taurus. This Full Moon lines up exactly with Uranus (shock) at 16 Taurus.  Ceres is at 16 Virgo the Virgin, same day.

That is astonishing. I realise that Jeffrey Epstein and his address book (including Bill Clinton) are the last things on anybody’s mind, as I publish this on 5th May 2022, but the American chart shows the broader issue.  Great power among the elite. The rights of women. The American soul and conscience. God. Through a Scorpio filter.

The Grand Cross and the 2022 Midterms

That highly accurate US astrology chart set for 2nd January 1776 clearly shows the North Node at 16 Leo and South Node at 16 Aquarius. So, on Midterms 2022 voting day, we have a Grand Cross. A cross to bear.

Along with the sudden events, surrounding Midterms 2022 and the careful concealment. There will be drama days before and days afterwards. On the weekend of 5th November 2022, we find Venus at 16 Scorpio. On Wednesday 9th November, Mercury is at 16 Scorpio. This chimes in with the American astrology chart again.

The Original Cover-Up

In the interests of a democratic (or Democratic) vote, I need to point you to the original cover-up involving sex in America, which astrology predicted a long time before Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell made headlines. This was filed on 17th July 2017. You may remember it.

What deeply concerned me back then, was the eclipse on August 7th 2017; the Full Moon at 15 Aquarius was opposite the Sun at 15 Leo. Why? Because it triggered the American astrology chart. What happens at the Midterms brings it back.

Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019

Pregnancy Issues for America and Hush-Hush Eclipses

Remembering that Leo rules pregnancy, abortion and adoption, this old 2017 drama, is also crucial to the Midterms 2022. In the original prediction I referenced Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and the Royal Family. I referenced unplanned pregnancy, the Vladimir Nabokov novel Lolita, underage sex and ‘Royal Bastards’ as they were once called.

In that prediction, you read about “A moment of truth for The Special Relationship with the United Kingdom – we have a cover-up relating to  leadership questions. Both are connected. The cover-up takes place as follows – Monday 7th August, 2017.” That’s the quote.

Prince Philip and the First Cover-Up

Eclipses typically provide a diversion so we look the wrong way. The diversion involving the Royal Family, just before the eclipse on 7th July 2017 was the last solo appearance by Prince Philip, aged 96, whose retirement was reported by all media including USA Today. Nobody was looking at Prince Andrew. Everyone was looking at Prince Philip.

Two Years Later the Leo Eclipses Come to Pass…

Two years later, these various strands in the original 2017 prediction about the Leo eclipses came to pass, including a flight nicknamed Lolita. 

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6th 2019 and died in jail on August 10th 2019. Allegedly by his own hand. The American astrology chart suggests there is a link between the cover-ups of 2017 involving the Royal Family, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump – and what happens on the Midterms 2022 election.

Ghislaine Maxwell and the Eclipses

At time of publication, 5th May 2022, Ghislaine Maxwell has just failed in a bid to overturn her sex trafficking conviction. This story is not over, and like all eclipse cycles, once the horoscope rotates again, some of the truth will come out.

Not all of it, though. That can never happen once eclipses have passed. And we had a lot of them in Leo, the sign ruling royal heirs, but also the President’s heirs too.

The Ghost of Trump Russia

Midterms 2022 with its huge accent on the morality, ethics or otherwise of abortion – is tied into a much greater question about religion in America – and the Republicans.

Back to Nostradamus we go. He clearly talked about staunch Catholic and Republican Amy Coney Barrett in his quatrain, and the abortion issue, but it also pulled in the ghost of Trump Russia. Specifically, the Mueller Report

It’s 1938 Again – Planned Parenthood

Essentially, it’s 1938 again in America, for these Midterms. The Birth Control Federation of America (BCFA) was established on January 19, 1939, just after Uranus had passed 16 Taurus in November 1938. The North Node at 16 Scorpio was also there, January 1st-6th 1939. That zodiac sign again!

Margaret Sanger, the force behind the American Birth Control League, was anti-abortion.

download - US Midterms 2022 Astrology PredictionWhat else happened when we last saw Uranus at 16 Taurus, creating a T-Square with the American Leo-Aquarius nodes? The Negro Project, instigated by The Birth Control Federation of America in 1939. It has been described as “an effort to deliver information about birth control to poor black people.” It remains controversial today. In 1942, the organization changed its name to Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

This is what President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris are dealing with on the 2022 Midterms. This pattern in the US astrology chart has not been seen since the late 1930’s. They told People, “It’s Time for America to Unite” but the US chart says it’s hard.

More 1938 Flashbacks – Franklin D. Roosevelt and a Democrat Loss

The 1938 United States elections were held on November 8th, 1938, in the middle of Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second term. The Democratic Party lost 72 seats. One main reason was the Recession of 1937.

This is not a suggestion that the Midterms of 2022 will repeat 1938. Only that – exactly the same issues are coming back. Abortion and the American economy.

A Storm is Coming in November

A storm is coming in November. And over the long-term, the future of abortion in America will be completely transformed, resulting in the strongest division yet, between the ‘United’ States. No longer united at all.

Main Image: Myra Curzer, Unsplash.