zodiac napierYesterday, a client was talking about a woman he knew when he was younger. He and she were in a serious relationship.  She broke it off with him and he let her go.  This is exactly what happened when my husband and I were young.

Looking back, he said if he knew astrology at the time, he would not have let her go.  Reading her chart, he can see how well they suited each other.

It’s a powerful testimony but I’m not sure it’s reliable for this reason: very few people in their twenties know what is best for them!  This is true, in spite of feeling they know it all!

It’s interesting to consider, but in practice, astrology could have the exact opposite effect. It could see you lock onto something you see or think you see in the chart; while neglecting to pay attention to the actual human being and the feelings they’re having in the other person’s presence. In fact, I think the odds of this happening are so high, I could not recommend it.

This doesn’t mean, it couldn’t or wouldn’t work for some. I just know if I were using astrology to choose a man when I was young – I would want a Sagittarian!  Oh hell, yes! I want to have fun.

But would this be what’s right for me? How about, no.

What do you think?