pluto planet redAs an astrologer, I wind up working with people with whom I have things in common. Transiting Pluto has just crossed into my first house. I have a lot of clients with late Capricorn rising but I have even more who have late Cancer risings. The latter group has Pluto transiting their descendant.

In my world, a planet crossing an angle will affect the entire structure of a person’s life. Pluto transiting the descendant affects relationships, but also your physical appearance, your reputation and your home and family.  It’s intense!

Yesterday, I was talking to a long-time client with a 28 degree Cancer descendent. Pluto is currently stationing at 28 degrees. He’s caught up in this, obviously. For those who might be concerned, he doesn’t care if I talk about him.

Yesterday, I noted that he is currently tied up on a very short leash.  He’s got a Sagittarius moon so you can imagine how much he’s enjoying this, not.  But at least he’s got his intellect. He understands what is happening; so what’s happening?

Well, on the 7th house front, he’s got an obsession going with a dark-energy, shadowy, manipulative woman. He’s gripped by this and no one is blaming her, by the way.

On the family front, his mother died; he’s waiting (Capricorn) on an inheritance (Pluto).

His reputation has been damaged via the relationship with the woman.

Yesterday, I learned that he can now do 750 push-ups in forty minutes. He does three sets of 250. It’s fair to say, this had to have transformed his appearance.

I asked him why he was doing all the push-ups. It’s extreme! He said it was the only thing that made him feel better.

Point here is that this transit locks you in. It’s like a death (Pluto) grip (Capricorn).  You’re stuck! I understand because of what I went through with my back, among other things.  At times, a nerve would go off and I would be frozen in my tracks; pain too excruciating to even consider moving so much as a hair.  You notice things like this!

On the upside, we do have astrology. So as bad as it may get for you; it won’t go on forever.  But when you’re in it; it’s holds you in this painful grip; forcing you to dig deep inside yourself for the fortitude to carry on.

Is Pluto transiting your descendant? What’s going on?