venus marsThis week we commit to move forward with our plans. We lay the groundwork for future projects and break the grip of intertia on our minds and bodies, personally and in the collective.

We speak our passion and wind ourselves up to the fevered pitch necessary to get this party started. It’s a serious turning point, but the chest beating is not just metaphorical. It inspires real action.

On Monday, the Taurus Moon conjoins the north node, sextiles the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, trines Pluto, and squares Venus. Motivation serves up some spice to the mood, but the taste is acquired; even if it’s not what you thought you wanted, it will be.

Monday night, Mars conjoins Saturn. Perseverance counts, so keep going. That’s not always good advice, but it is right now. Don’t quit right before you succeed… unless quitting is your goal; then DO IT. That’s a legit course of action for many. Sometimes you just have to drop it and walk away.

But if you’ve been working at moving something stubborn, this might be the day it budges.

Venus leaves Aquarius for Pisces Tuesday morning, going from air to water. Venus is delightful in Pisces, ideal, sensual, dreamy. The longing is sweet and propels us toward something greater, particularly now with Jupiter so close to Neptune.

Tuesday’s Gemini Moon is Mercury ruled, and Aries Mercury heads into sextile with Saturn, Mars, and Juno (exact Thursday, Friday morning, and Friday night respectively). As the Moon trines Vesta it also sextiles Chiron… with Vesta sextiling Chiron as well. Devotion is normally static, but change is in the air: a new wind for our fealty, and it makes good sense. It’s a higher level of the same energy.

Tuesday night, Mercury rolls over Pallas Athena as the Moon highlights Vesta and Chiron. We have all the proof we need. Planning takes off like a shot as the connections fall into place with dizzying speed.

Wednesday’s Gemini Moon sextiles the Aries Sun, air to fire. It sextiles Pallas Athena and Mercury, trines Saturn-Mars-Juno, and squares the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. The mood highlights Mercury’s sextiles to the Aquarius stellium. Quick thinking lends the ability to multitask as we consider multiple paths in planning. And the ability to pick the best one (or two!).

Thursday morning, Mercury completes its sextile to Saturn and the Moon quincunxes Pluto in Capricorn. You have to break some eggs if you want to make an omelette… and boy does that feel good when you do, even if it’s not easy.

By late morning, the Moon moves to Cancer and its own rulership. It picks up a trine to Venus: sweet-sweet adoration and satisfaction. Nurture the connections that take your closer into that sweet-sweet fantastical flow.

Friday morning, the Cancer Moon squares Chiron and sextiles Uranus as Mercury completes its sextile to Mars. The plan moves forward on jet fuel! If you don’t FEEL ready, that’s okay; but we’re still going.

By afternoon, the Cancer Moon heads into square with the Aries Sun, exact late in the night. Cardinal mood clashes with cardinal path-building. Perhaps we chafe at the power of the momentum of the week – ready to regroup and bed down as the body soldiers on.

With Mercury closing its sextile to Juno, passion is a great middle ground to settle the difference. It’s never a draw with Juno, but sometimes we both win.