libra bronze scalesThe full moon in Libra on April 16th will pack a punch. The astrology is striking. I’m not sure it’s good.

First, the sun and moon at 26 degrees are tightly square Pluto in Capricorn at 28 degrees.  That’s right. The battered late Cardinals are going to take another hit here. This includes me. I can already feel it.

Mercury and Uranus will also be tightly conjunct in Taurus. No telling what news is on the way.  Something you don’t expect!

Last, Jupiter and Neptune will be exactly conjunct at 24 Pisces. I hope this provides some protection because frankly, this sounds like blunt trauma. Like getting a cracked jaw out of the blue sky!

Now I’m sorry. But most feel set up at this point. I don’t think this day is going to pass, unnoticed. I do think it’s would be to consider this because Pluto is concerned with planning.  Plan what?

Libra is concerned with relating to others. I take this as a command; as fair warning, to shore up relations with others.  There is not a lot of “random” kindness out there are the moment. Make an effort (Aries) to solidify (Capricorn) your ties to others (Libra).

You can see the chart here. It’s the aspects that grab my attention.

What do you see?