boy heliosThe start of the week is GO, right off the blocks. The snappy Aquarius Moon comes off a conjunction with Mars only to head over Venus, Juno, and Saturn. The mood brings enough distance to take in reality without getting bogged down by it. How does this feel in theory? We can face our own urges, passions, and hurdles without overwhelm, and it’s a straight line to tying our own outcome to the fate of the world.

The Moon spends the rest of the day finishing up in Aquarius as Venus makes its own moves over Juno and Saturn. That forward facing mood aids in sussing out and assimilating where our personal desires and passions may be blocked or delayed. It is what it is.

By the end of the night, the Moon moves to watery Pisces. Tuesday we wake up to a long glide without much interference from outside assaults on the mood. It does, however, allow us to drift. Be sure the current you follow is going where you want to go. Emotions are slippery.

On Wednesday, the Pisces Moon conjoins Jupiter and Neptune then goes on to sextile Pluto. Whereas earlier in the week there was a detached edge to the mood, a gush of emotion follows like a wave. It doesn’t mean we’re any less accepting, but we do have to feel our feels as we head into a newly ordained narrative. So much gut wobble. But then… we turn it into gold. Still, that undercurrent of grief may leave a taste in your mouth. But it passes.

All week long, Mercury moves along in step with the Aries Sun as the Sun makes its way into a conjunction with Chiron (exact Friday night). We’re getting the lay of the land, but the map is not the territory. That approach to Chiron reminds us where we ought to shore up our understanding of our own capabilities and propensities before we can assess and master those of any force we may encounter on the way.

Chiron taught fighters.

On Thursday, the Moon marches into Aries, over the Aries point and into conjunction with Mercury by night’s end… then the Sun overnight… for the new moon in Aries. That Moon then passes over Chiron in short order.

In all, we have many strong conjunctions that affect this new moon start. Mars-Venus-Saturn. Jupiter and Neptune. Mercury-Sun-Chiron. We receive inspiration on how to do MORE with LESS, and somehow less is better. Minimalism. Feel your feelings then gear down and do better with fewer resources. The resources you need are spiritual and go with you always. You can make do because there’s plenty of opportunity now to learn. You WILL be given the tools. There’s no need to despair; it’s exciting. We’re going to ROCK this.

Metaphorically beat your weapon against your shield. WE’ve got this. Collectively. As individuals. We going to learn to work alone together.

On Friday, we feel the rush as we move through this active new moon. By afternoon, the Aries Moon sextiles Mars… forward we go! It then sextiles Saturn… for the long haul!

The new moon takes place late Thursday/early Friday at 11 degrees Aries. Where does this hit your chart? Is it sinking in?

Have you read Sun Tsu’s The Art of War? Now is a good time.