capricorn bledsoeWe’re shifting into a lower gear with the moon in Capricorn. That’s where we are today. This is the perfect time to pick up on it as the moon is closing a conjunction with Pluto.

Pluto in Capricorn is supporting Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. You have to feel around for it but there should be some grounding force in your life at this time. I think is offers a huge opportunity bring big thoughts into being.  There’s more here: Pragmatic & Divine. This is potentially a fantastic combination.

I alluded to this situation grounding the Pisces energy but later I thought of what if might offer to people with planets in the late degrees of Capricorn – oh yeah, that’s me!

If this is you as well, the Pisces energy might lift you out of whatever trap you may be caught in. You can help this process up looking out, or up. Seek (Jupiter) inspiration (Neptune).

I’ve been talking about about the veil dropping around some kind of illusion in your life. This is favored now.

I suppose what’s behind the veil may be gross (Pluto) or scary (Capricorn). However the easy aspect suggests you’d have support. Sextiles just don’t cause trauma.

I suppose this means it’s a good weekend to get bad news (Mercury)?  If this happens to, look for how it benefits you (Jupiter).  There comes a point where holding up the veil is too heavy a burden.

If you don’t understand the duality of Pisces; how bad news could be good, then hit the Jupiter Neptune videos (linked in the post above).

The way I see this, is the truth is revealed over these next days. Then, as the planets ingress into Aries, you’ll be set up to act on the knowledge.

Can you feel the support?

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