obnoxiousI admit I feel like talking at the moment. I realized this had to be more than just wanting to to recover my Disintegrated Personality. I decided to look at my Progressed chart.

I know I have a progressed moon in Sagittarius but this has gone beyond that. I pulled the chart up and there is was!

Progressed Jupiter is in Aquarius but this is what’s changed:  my progressed Mercury is just about to leave people-pleasing Libra for Scorpio. Mercury will square Jupiter and that’s it. All hell will break loose with this mouth of mine which is normally huge anyway.

Matter of fact, progressed Venus is also moving into Scorpio.  By the end of the year these planets both be in Scorpio squaring Jupiter.  It’s sort of wonderful and craptastic all at once.

progressedWill all that progressed Scorpio, my moon is about to progress into my 8th house. You never think about things like this.  The turns your life can take.

Meanwhile, Pluto is transiting the angles of my natal chart. I guess I will be dealing with death(s).  But that’s my 7th house you’re looking at. I will be effective in consultation for sure.

When my moon progresses into Capricorn / 8th it will support the Scorpio and hopefully check the level of my obnoxiousness!

I don’t feel any fear, which is nice.

If you wonder about your progressed chart, you can get a report here – Progressed Chart Report. It’s one of my favorite reports and well worth the cost.

What’s happening in your progressed chart?

note – the bird is supposed to be “obnoxious”.  I will endeavor not to become like that!