foggy mountainI appreciate all the interesting comments on my recent posts. I want to continue writing about some of the things on my mind, related the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

This is a giant topic. It has no beginning and no end. Any one manifestation of this  of this is probably not more important than any other.

I think this conjunction can bring us together but not in a way that any of us can control.

The mass addiction I mentioned in my video series is one thing.
Widespread delusion is another other.
Worldwide, gaslighting, trickery… truth (Jupiter) being hidden (Neptune) by the thinnest of veils.

There is also a lot of know-it-all stuff going on which is another delusion.  You may know something someone doesn’t or you may just think you do. Even if you do know something they don’t, odds are sky-high, they can say the same about you.

Pluto in Capricorn humbles a person. Pluto’s sextile to Jupiter and Neptune can be put to use as a powerful tether. Because we all have blocks in our awareness of what surrounds us in this world. Have you never lost your keys? In that moment, your brain is gone.

There is a chance to marry the divine with the pragmatic at this time; it seems extraordinary.  It’s really easy to appear stupid right now, when you’re not.  It’s also very easy to make mistakes. This is why the Pluto aspect is so fortunate.

Can you relate?