circular economyHave you heard the term, “circular economy”?  This is just coming together for me. I am not sure if I understand it the way it’s supposed to be understood. From what I can tell by marrying my personal experience with what I can read about this, which tend to be written in “vague”, it falls in line with the idea that you will own nothing (and be happy).

It’s like e-books or music you buy on these various platforms. Rather than have something someone can inherit, the goods go back to the source when you die. You’re essential renting the stuff. Goods have become “services”. When you’re dead, you no longer need your services!

Mulling this, I recalled when Eileen Fisher clothing came out with tags about how they want their clothing back. What? If I bought it, it’s mine, isn’t it? If I’m done with it, I can give it away or I can sell it or I can toss it or I can store it – it’s mine!  Why in the world would I return it to the seller?

It occurred to me at the time, there is so much re-sale of the various brand on sites like Ebay and a many others… perhaps this hurt sales? I don’t know. It was my first thought. But there are a lot of pro-sellers on these sites these day.  If you gave your clothing back to the manufacturer, don’t you think they would resell it? I do!

Today, I see countless businesses moving to this kind of model. You’re born, you work, you consume, and you leave nothing to anyone because ______.

I’ll let you fill in the blank.

What’s the astrology here? Anyone?  And how do you fill that blank?