LiarLife is tricky. One of the main reasons it’s so tricky is a good number of people are liars. I’m not talking about telling someone their pie is great after swallowing an unsatisfying bite. I’m talking about lying liars who knowingly and willingly lie in order to cause harm.

Maybe I’m also talking about liars who lie because it serves them to lie, where any harm caused to you is simple collateral damage.  This may include liars who lie to entertain themselves.  But my focus is on the psychopathic liar. There are a lot of them and they have a striking advantage over a person who tells the truth.

The reason is because the truth-telling person can only tell the truth.  The liar can say anything.

Take a scenario where someone makes a false allegation against an honest person.  What can that person do but tell the truth?  “I didn’t do that.  I did this…”

But what can the liar say? Anything!

The world is set up in this way; quite literally. Have you ever been to court against a liar? I have – three times! Life’s a bitch!

I’m not saying the honest person can’t prevail. I usually prevail though my “winning” may be unconventional. I am saying the liar has the advantage.

What do you know about lies vs. honesty?