on a logMonday is the first full day of spring with the Sun spending at least a few hours of daylight in the zero degree of Aries (the Aries point). It’s a fresh, new cycle for the zodiac, coming at the heels of a potent full moon in Virgo (revealing).

Monday’s Scorpio Moon is BUSY. It squares Mars then opposes Uranus, powering up the applying Mars-Uranus square (exact Tuesday). It then squares Venus, trines Jupiter and Mercury, and squares Saturn. It goes on to trine Neptune overnight. The mood touches on all the sensitive spots, but sometimes that’s what it takes to figure out what we need, what we need to address.

Where are we stalled out, needing a jump? That information gets a chance to pop up, settle in, and show its true colors. Overnight the inspiration comes.

On Tuesday, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto through the end of the sign as Mars perfects its square to Uranus. Sometimes action grinds gears just to show what needs improvement… before there’s major damage. If you get a gut feeling, follow up. It might change… everything.

Once the Moon hits Sagittarius, the Sadge Moon mood takes off into trine with the fiery Aries Sun. We’re good to go, and we NEED to go.

Wednesday the Sadge Moon trines Chiron, sextiles Mars and Venus, squares Jupiter, then goes on to sextile Saturn overnight. In addition, Pisces Mercury conjoins and moves past Pisces ruler Neptune by afternoon. So while the active, upbeat, hoppy mood is raring to bend and hug and groove, missed connections are possible. So don’t sweat the details; this too shall pass.

If it sounds too good to be true, give it some time to prove out. If it sounds onerous and bothersome, give it some time to prove out. If you don’t know how it sounds, welcome to the club. It might just end up being the right news for the right time (in time), or an angel whispering in your ear. Do your best; that is always a good play anyhow.

On Thursday, the Moon continues through Sagittarius into square with Neptune and Mercury. Maybe we’re still waiting on that news. Sadge does NOT love to wait.

When the Moon moves to Capricorn and Saturn’s rule it also squares the Sun: cardinal to cardinal, earth to fire. It might then feel like the waiting is personal and that perhaps we should do something. Not necessarily. Check in with reality, facts, and the changing scene before committing to a new course. But change for the sake of change doesn’t always clear the decks. Do it cos it’s RIGHT.

Mercury picks up an applying sextile to Pluto (exact Saturday morning). Some of those unripe ideas mature and sweeten. Understanding deepens as all the connections link up. Sometimes something has to break down to its base components to reorder itself into gold. Alchemy is possible in the context of a long-held dream.

On Friday, the Cap Moon squares Chiron in Aries and trines Uranus in Taurus. Mistakes are good, that’s how we learn. Don’t beat yourself up! Just slow down and give it another shot, a different way. Let yourself get charged up when you DO get it going!

Friday night, the Moon heads into sextile with Jupiter in Pisces and the mood blooms. Get all your have-tos out of the way early so you can take advantage of any ideal opportunity that crops up, particularly as Mercury-Pluto peaks. Dreamy. Potent.