disintegrationI’m attempting to recover from the major transits through my 12th house. I mainly have to recover my (disintegrated) personality.

That’s a psych term that I co-opting for my own use. I’m stating, I don’t care what the academic definition of that term is.

I mean no disrespect to people who are studied and understand the accepted definition of “disintegrated personality”. I just want to think my own thoughts. Right now I am thinking about addiction, which ultimately kills a person, but not before it dissolves their personality!

This post continues the train of thought I presented in my video series on Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. If you missed it, you might want to go back…

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces: The Good, Bad & The Ugly

The 12th house dissolves…whatever. Various things.

I see things I’ve lost or rather, things that I have sacrificed during this transit. I’m going to try to recover them. Hopefully, you’ll witness my restoration and/or rise from the ashes. We’ll see!

With my personality, disintegrated, I let go of my ability to find obscure sources of information and I don’t know what. Unusual Ideas?  Things oddballs say or think or wonder?

We’re supposed to conform right now and create content that pleases search.  But I want to get back to my own people! Being a weirdo myself, like finds like! And that’s how content like this wound up on this site:

Sin Eaters

I have a natural interest in psychology and psychopathy. Credit my 8th house or blame my childhood. I don’t see that it matters at this point.

I mention this because if you search psychopaths or violence on this blog, you’ll find more of what I’m referencing here.

I’m currently getting back on the ball. I have a hot new source of material which behaves like a seed place in fertile soil aka “me”. This is also an 8th house thing.  It’s about other people’s energy. And creativity for that matter. One drop of anything can multiply, endlessly.

How many people can a single seed feed, over time? It’s amazing.  So my intention at this point is to share my fruit.

Do you feel your personality is in tact at this time?