despair Maria Konstantinowna BashkirtseffThere are a lot of people discouraged at this time if not flat-out despairing; wondering it they should kill themselves. Yes, this is stark but you know I’m right. Further, it’s not like they don’t have cause!  I mean causes.

Let’s see.  Many have lost friends or family members due to death or the numerous wedges that have been used to divide people and isolate them.

Many have lost their jobs or their businesses.

Many are ill; in many cases, stress is a factor.

Some are just plain aging and it’s not easy.

Many have lost money in the stock market.

Many are just in general, running into a hard wall.

Many are isolated, alone and scared.

I saw this coming a long time ago, tied to Pluto in Capricorn. I’ve updated this post over the last seven years….

Pluto In Capricorn: Collective Depression

What I didn’t see is the pervasiveness of this.  When I think, “Pluto”, I think of depth. Like being in a well.  This is much worse.  I’m sorry, but I’ve decided to spell this out.

Being in a well is one thing.  We’re not just in a well. We’re surrounded by poison. Neptune; an invisible virus?  Better not breathe!

Don’t talk about it. If you talk about it, it will get worse!  Hide your pain. That always works. /s

What about money and your self-esteem?  Uranus!  These things are tied to the internet at this time.  Fake likes and promises of fortune.

What about your mind?  Garbage in, 24 hours a day. Visual content is similar.

You may read this and move to defend against it – that’s not me! But am I really wrong?

We have a lot to sort here, collectively, but also as individuals.  Believing this can be done is probably the first step.

Who can relate?  What can you do today to start things moving in the right direction?