virgo pisces oppositionThe moon is in Virgo now; it will be full on Friday, the 18th.  This is a great opportunity for Virgo-minded people to see the big picture, and I mean the BIG picture!

Once you’ve accessed the gigantic situation, you can use your discernment to discover what it might mean for you, but also for the whole world.

You can also be confused or even just claim to be confused, but what a waste that would be!

Veils are dropping all over the place. I’m talking 360 degrees, spherically and endlessly.  Virgo likes to KNOW.  How about knowing things that are usually concealed.  Does this interest you?

This is such an interesting week. There’s all this Fixed, very stubborn energy, coexisting with massive, flowing, Mutable energy. What are you going to do>

That’s a real question.

What Are You Going To Do?

Also, what have you learned?  Anything? The door to knowledge is WIDE open right now.

Can anyone feel me?