The Astrology Chart for China

This chart is set for 1st January 1912 at 12.00pm in Nanking, China. It shows the birth of the Republic of China and it is the most accurate horoscope for China we have. From this we can predict the end of Xi Jinping and the current system. There is no point in creating an astrological chart for Xi Jinping as it has a Rodden rating of XX. It’s totally unreliable.

The China chart shows Neptune at 22 Cancer in the Fourth House of property and family. China floats on a bubble based on high-rise apartments and land purchase, both locally and abroad. Neptune is the fantasy. Cancer is homes. Of course, Cancer also rules the family, so China’s dream is about that too. On January 10th 2020, when the first Chinese person was declared dead from COVID-19, transiting Pluto was at 22 Capricorn for the first time in over 240 years. That shows the collapse of the property and family fantasy. Saturn was at 22 Capricorn on the same day. That is two difficult, exact oppositions in the China astrology chart – and rare. 

Why Russia Plus China Was a Mistake

It was a huge mistake for China to create an alliance with Russia. You can see the South Node at 28 Libra in the Seventh House of partnerships, below. The North Node is at 28 Aries. This fated pattern in the chart will be hit by transiting Pluto at 28 Capricorn, March 11th 2022 until June 20th 2022. It then returns January 12th 2023 until February 11th 2023. Then, July 28th 2023 until September 19th 2023. November 2nd 2023 until December 20th, 2023.

China and Russia at War in 1929

As you can see (below) China was ‘born’ with the classic Libra-Aries pattern we see in countries which repeat the themes of war and peace. In 1929 China and Russia were at war. That pattern was triggered by the True North Node at 28 Taurus and True South Node at 28 Scorpio. Here we are in 2022 with this cycle again. The True North Node at 28 Taurus, True South Node at 28 Scorpio. This time round, Russia and China are not at war. Russia wants a partnership.

The Slow Collapse of the Old China

This is a slow collapse of the old China. Why? Not only was she ‘born’ with the South Node at 28 Libra and North Node at 28 Aries, she also has Uranus at 28 Capricorn. That is a T-Square. There are a number of other factors in the chart just one degree away from the T-Square.

This suggests the beginning of the end of Xi Jinping. Capricorn rules the President. It also rules the system. This is a slow implosion which began on March 11th 2022 (four days ago, as this is published) and will not end until just before Christmas Day, 2023. This can either be a necessary and useful rebirth, or a really difficult transformation. It depends what she does about Russia.

Dates to Watch

Dates to watch within this time-frame of March 22nd 2022 to December 20th 2023 include July 29th 2023 until August 4th 2023. The reason I am adding this astrological chart for China now (below, using the Family and Friends software on this website) is that Vladimir Putin is now proposing that Russia and China form a deeper partnership.

China is now weakened by a mysterious new explosion of COVID-19 cases which is hitting her economy. So, China is more likely to give Vladimir Putin what he wants, because he has broken the Russian sharemarket. But will she do it?

Property Loans, Mortgages, Spreadsheets in the Sky

Tracking China’s economy and her property bubbles is basically a case of tracking transits to Neptune at 22 Cancer in the Fourth House of real-estate investment, mortgages and ‘spreadsheets in the sky’. Transiting Neptune at 22 Pisces is propping up the bubble  until March 16th 2022 and then again from October 29th 2022 until January 8th 2023, when it is well and truly over. 

The greatest risk period for Chinese property is when the North Node goes to 22 Taurus and South Node goes to 22 Scorpio, which takes place April 3rd to June 18th 2022. This pulls in world sharemarkets, so countries which have welcomed Chinese investment will be exposed to this bouncing bubble. (Main image: Christian Lue, Unsplash).

So, there are two stories going on here. The ill-advised partnership with Vladimir Putin and the fated end of the system.

You’d be watching the conjunction of Uranus at 13 Taurus to Saturn at 13 Taurus, for example. That is the beginning of a revolution in the Chinese economy and it starts on April 4th 2022. An obvious problem for China is Evergrande.

As you can see in the chart below, the China horoscope has a full Second House and Eighth House pattern. Proserpina is at 10 Taurus. Saturn is at 13 Taurus. The Moon is at 21 Taurus. Mars is at 24 Taurus. Salacia is at 0 Scorpio. Fortuna is at 1 Scorpio. Minerva is at 19 Scorpio. Venus is at 25 Scorpio.

0004 1 scaled - The China Astrology Chart

0002 1 scaled - The China Astrology Chart

0003 1 scaled - The China Astrology Chart