nickel“Uncertainties spring up like dandelions in my yard”.

I wish I could credit that quote. I ran across is randomly last week. It stuck with me like it was pulled from some new genre of poetry called, “Horror”.

I woke to this chart this morning. That’s the price of nickel which is one of the most widely used industrial metals on earth. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a lot more of this. It’s the who, what, when and where that eludes me. Where is the next dandelion going to spring up in your yard?

Uranus in Taurus can be credited with volatility in the markets in general. Venus and Mars in Aquarius add to this. Venus and Mars ae advancing on Uranus. The faster moving planets will close the square with Uranus this month.

I’m not sure what to advise but I can tell you what I’m observing. People are lashing out. They are getting triggered and if you’re standing there, odds are high, you get cut.

There’s a sense of being out of control. Hey, I know! I have this knife here. I can stick it in this person and have control of something.

Don’t do it. Many people are very close to an edge.  Don’t be the one who pushes them over it. These things come back around and in our current conditions, this can happen very quickly.

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What unexpected thing do you expect out of this? How do you feel?