twisty riverI’ve begun to consider Saturn in Pisces. The planet will ingress into the sign on March 7, 2023.  My first thought was that this is when the dam breaks or more succinctly, dissolves. Or when the blocks or the controls disappear. The veil lifts and reality appears?

I realize that is broad and undefined which is going to be the case with Saturn in Pisces. I thought it might be grounding to look at this on a personal level.  So assuming you were alive the last time Saturn transited Pisces, what happened?

The structure (Saturn) of my entire life dissolved at that time.  I had been chasing success and security. I’d achieved this; the tide turned and I wanted to be a mother!

My first child was born with Saturn in Pisces so on this level, I was successful but the path to this point was extremely convoluted. I quit my secure job, left my home state, became utterly lost for a period, married, divorced and had an ectopic pregnancy, all before the doctor handed me my daughter.

I also became an astrologer (for pay, as a business) while pregnant and I started writing about astrology at this time… prior to even being online.

If you think about it, I had to sacrifice (Pisces) my security and my status (Saturn) and swirl around in the unknown in order to grow and evolve and better align with my true calling which is a lot more nebulous that I would have ever imagined before I wound up here. Twisty river, right?

What happened to you when Saturn was in Pisces in the 90’s? What would you like to see happen this time?