Iorek valentineThe Valentine’s Day Leo Moon has me appreciating my own astrology… FOR ONCE. After half a century of battle, I’m appreciating my own good points. I do have Aries Venus and Leo rising, Scorpio Mars and all. If I didn’t have that shitty Moon-Venus square, I wouldn’t be as resilient as I am, and I like that about me. I’m hard to kill.

I bought myself a hot pink (Dixxon) flannel for Valentine’s Day. I have to go pick it up from the post office because I live in the sticks now. I’ll probably grab a cheeseburger on my way home.

This year is the first time (that I remember) really not being bothered about – well, anything, on Valentine’s Day at least. And not in a Leo/Aries blustery way either. I’m old. I’m fat. I’m not conventionally successful, and I don’t wear makeup anymore. I do have good hair tho. Still, I feel fine.

I’m not sure about the whole “You have to love yourself first” thing regarding partners. But I do know, I feel good because I’ve stopped trying to convince other people of my value. As my own mothering influence, if they don’t see all the wonderful things I see in me… well you know the spiel. I always thought I was fine. I’m not sure most people (who suck) actually think about other people very much – outside of what they can do for them.

When you find the people who see you, that’s got to be enough. Maybe they’re not romantic partners. It’s got to be enough. Because that’s all there is outside of yourself. Seeing your own value is way more important. If that’s the whole “loving yourself first” thing, well great. But I’ve always known my value and that hasn’t been the milkshake they’re looking for.

So whatever, happy Valentines Day! I bet you look hot. Because of course you do.