I’ve met unusual people all of my life. I give this to Uranus in my 7th house. Uranus is in Leo. I’m entertained by flamboyant people ahead of their time.

Nature or nurture?

My grandfather used to stand on his head in the grocery store when he was in his 70’s, to illustrate the benefits of a raw-food diet.  I got a big kick out of this (as opposed to be mortified). I  think this is because of the Uranus placement.

My husband has Venus (in Gemini) in aspect to Uranus. Besides being married to an astrologer aka a weirdo, he’s also met characters all his life and enjoyed them.

Not everyone appreciates eccentricity, though. I know people who bend over backwards trying to conceal the odd ones in the family.  I’ve met great resistance from the families of men I dated over the years. They really didn’t want their son or brother marrying an astrologer.

I’m pulling this up because I ran into two people recently, concerned about Uranus in their 7th. This is not a bad placement. You’re never bored!  A constant stream of people come through your life; many of them with tips or hints about your future.

Do you meet more than your share of unusual people?  Is Venus mashed with Uranus in your chart?  Do you like eccentrics or do you have some other reaction to them?

pictured – my grandfather, Henry, in one of the Styrofoam hats (or pith helmets as my husband calls them) he wore all his life.