foundation cracksWhen Pluto went into Capricorn, I started writing about cracks in the foundation. This was in 2008.

This was astrology, not politics as far as left and right go. When a structure implodes, it does not discriminate.

I wrote a lot about dying business back then as well.  Or more specifically, killing business.  I saw the landscape in my neighborhood change. I detailed the decay as it occurred around me.

In 2009, Jupiter was conjunct Neptune in Aquarius.  The foundation cracks were there, visible to see but we had this big delusion. I called it the big fog machine and wrote about that, extensively.

Now we’ve got Uranus in Taurus, which I have always tied to the stock market. I wrote about volatility and reversals of fortune.

At this point, most people are aware the structure collapsing.  This is exactly what happens when there are cracks in the foundation. Or my husband put it another way… it’s like a party where a bunch of people all crowd out onto a balcony… which then collapses under the weight of the collective.

One thing I can’t account for or imagine is the upcoming Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces.  It’s interesting this is coming around (roughly every twelve years) at this time.

The last conjunction was in Aquarius. It was a utopia delusion.

There is a lot of talk about “mass delusion” going on at this time, but I wonder if this is really the case.

Jupiter and Neptune are in their home signs. Might we enjoy some grace or transcendence? Or will their just be a lot of victims?

What do you think?  And what do you think would be the best course of action at this time?