gemini twin vintage dollsMars turns retrograde every two years.  Occasionally the planet will stay in one sign for the entire period.  This will the be the case for the 2022-23 retrograde. Here are the details:

  • Mars will ingress into Gemini on August 20th, 2022.
  • Mars will turn retrograde in the sign at 25 degrees on October 30th, 2022.
  • Mars direct at 8 degrees Gemini on January 12, 2023.
  • Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer on March 25, 2023.

Just thinking about this makes me laugh. I get a kick out of Mars in Gemini. It’s like hopped-up cleverness.  Mouths and minds on fire.

You may think in terms of a verbal attack, pointed communication or a racing mind but this position also indicates a code-cracker or puzzle-solver, slick as snot!  I can always tell when I am talking to Mars in Gemini because they understand what I’m saying, yesterday. I have no way to conceal my admiration for this ability.

Mars in Gemini can be prone to what used to be called, “mental masturbation”.  They can pepper you with questions, like a machine. Have you answered them yet? What’s the matter with you?  Mars in Gemini is often a mastermind with skills in more than one area.

You’ll want to check the house(s) where the Mars retrograde will take place in your chart. Hopefully it will be compatible with this kind of energy. HOT and FAST.  Here are some keywords for each house:

  • Mars in Gemini in the 1st house:  Push your ideas. First to speak out.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 2nd house: Thinking about how to acquire assets.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 3rd house: Communications whizzing by. Mental juggling.  Driving too fast.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 4th house: Family fights. Anger. Fire in the belly.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 5th house: Drive to have fun. Creative ideas coming in fast and hard.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 6th house: Hopped-up worry for some. Cleaning spree.  Super productive at work… or super gossip-spreader. ::ducks::  Also, just BUSY.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 7th house: Fights with the partner, verbal sparring, challenging others. Also, open enemies.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 8th house: Obsessing about sex.  Incessant exploration of anything deep, dark or taboo.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 9th house: Possibly drive to study but also a drive to learn more or rather to know more. Possible know-it-all but may be too busy for such a thing.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 10th house: Intellectual prowess that gives status.  This also describes what is commonly called “an influencer”, these days.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 11th house: Trading information (including gossip) among groups of friends.  Another possible position for someone who can influence a group of people.
  • Mars in Gemini in the 12th house: Possible self-undoing. Driven to escape. I feel this is the most difficult house for this energy. You can be overwhelmed with information from… everywhere. Take time to retreat.

Mutable signsIf you have planets of angles in Mutable signs you can expect the effects of this period to be amplified. Expect to be irritated for good or ill.

It’s intellectual stimulation, basically. Sometimes this is welcome. Other times it just pisses a person off.

I do think this is going to be trying for most which is typical with a Mars retrograde.  It’s like leaving a pot on the stove too long. Bad things start to happen, unless you say on the ball.

This position can also be prone to anxiety. I hope this post does not add to that.

As always, Mars needs an outlet. Keep that in mind (no pun).  You’ll fare best if you find an outward expression for the energy.

Which house(s) will be affected by the Mars’ long stay in Gemini in your chart? Do you have planets that will be aspected?