Neptune gorgeousWith Neptune conjunct my Midheaven, people often throw me up as some kind of saint. Then I blink, or they blink and I come crashing down to sinner.

I’m not talking about this blog though it happens here as well.  I’m talking about my personal life where I am see as, great, Great, GREAT, and then it flips on me and I become the curse from hell.

This is no fun for me but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that time is good to me. A person who decided I was horrible will see things differently, eventually. I wind up elevated again?

It’s better to go from saint to sinner and back to saint, then it is to go from sinner to saint and back to sinner which also happens!

In reality, I am just a human being, gifted and flawed like everyone else. But having Neptune prominent, distorts this.

I think Pisces rising has to deal with this… Virgo rising as well, to some extent.  Neptune conjunct the ascendant or descendent will also do it.  Neptune messing with Venus is also implicated.

If you’ve got Neptune emphasized, are you seen as saint first and sinner later, or the other way around?  Also, which position do you assign other first, typically?