zodiac blue wheelI’m asked to teach astrology on a regular basis. I’m interested in doing this but I’ve not been able to figure out how it could be done.

Satori and I have had a number of workshops over the years, including some beginner classes, with specific themes. Unfortunately, it did not occur to me to create transcripts until it occurred to me to create transcripts!  Consequently our older work is inaccessible.

Putting together a general astrology class at this point seems challenging to the point where it may be impossible.  This is because people who read here are at different levels in their study. If you please one group, you disappoint the other and I don’t want to do this.

I’m in this phase now, where I am experimenting (Uranus) with my business (Saturn). I thought I’d ask if you might have ideas. Not just what you’d like but how you’d like it. We have zoom now, for example.

I like blood and guts topics. I like to really get into it but I also enjoy breaking things down and making astrology easily accessible to the ultra beginner.  I know that once a person has a solid handle on one aspect of astrology, the subject opens up.

Got any idea?  What would you like to see from me and thanks!