stallion landscapeAll weekend, Sagittarius Mars makes its way into closer square with Neptune, and Aquarius Mercury sparks up the past-exact Saturn-Uranus square. What we’re doing is murky or unclear and we’re likely to grind our gears on the plan.

However, The Cap Sun conjoins retro Venus Saturday afternoon and heads into sextile with Neptune. In addition, Mercury sextiles Chiron all weekend. Tell the truth, ACT in the truth, and you’ll better understand what paths lead to growth and a beneficial way OUT as well as the faith to explore what’s possible.

Be real, with yourself and with others – and you’ll find what fun there is to find, what pleasure and satisfaction is possible. Try not to berate yourself if you have a less than perfect moment. There’s an urge to people please in order to connect; but if you pretend to be something you’re not, to feel or think something you don’t, it doesn’t help in the long run. Integrity is key.

Friday night we may feel particularly vulnerable as the Moon sextiles Pluto. However, if you hang in and keep your eyes on the prize, there’s a powerful WIN in there somewhere. The Sun moves in sextile to Neptune all weekend, and connections bloom if we just have faith and keep on keeping on.

Saturday night’s Aries Moon conjoins Chiron and sextiles Mercury just ahead of their exact aspect. This is very much a JUST DO IT route to satisfaction. Do what? MOVE… be physical… just dance? Run. I know there’s no way I’m running in two feet of snow, but this can also be a metaphor. Mercury is involved.

Let your mind run to the areas that genuinely call to you. It’s healing. It’s growth oriented. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn. It gets us somewhere, somewhere satisfying. Follow the clues.

On Sunday, the Aries Moon squares Venus and the Sun then goes on to trine Aries-ruler Mars. By nighttime, the Moon squares Pluto. Wear yourself out. Spend the day exploring, literally or figuratively. Find your footing, physically and mentally; and if you can do that connecting to the people around you, near or far, there’s magic. The mood sops up power, charges up with well-being, even if you’re exhausted.

The weekend begins and ends with Moon-Pluto. What feeds you? Are you getting what you need to power up and keep on? Mars in Sadge provides the legs and Mercury in Aquarius is the genius we need to see beyond the usual suspects. But the mood lies in the Moon, so pay attention as it points to what we NEED.

The Sun heading into sextile with Neptune points to a chapter that capitalizes on connection and belief in oneself. It also brings faith that we CAN connect and the opportunity to do so. Look for the options.

What are your weekend plans? How are you feeling? I feel… odd.