If you’ve considered joining the Age Of Aquarius Community, now you have an additional reason to join us: from January 6th to January 9th we will host a live Vision Board 2022 Challenge in our community forum!

What Is Age Of Aquarius?

Age Of Aquarius is a community for astrology lovers around the world.

The Age Of Aquarius Community has two pillars, I) Content, and II), Community.

I) Content – every month you get access to astrology forecasts and tarot readings for your ascendant sign, New Moon ceremonies, live Zoom call meetings with other members, astrology training, and more!

When you join, you get instant access to hundreds of hours of high-quality astrology content in the form of training, workshops, and webinars.

II) Community – our community forum is a great place to learn astrology, practice your chart reading skills, and make new friends.

Unlike other astrology groups, the Age Of Aquarius forum is very active – in the 1st year of existence our members created more than 1,000 different threads and generated tens of thousands of comments! In the community forum, you always get your questions answered and there is a genuine sense of friendship and inclusion.


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