boy heliosFriday night, the Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune: a perfect metaphor for a boozy New Year’s. A perfect recipe for charging ahead in pursuit of elusive satisfaction or a fantasy.

Mercury at the end of Capricorn may help with its concrete, longer term perspective. However, Sagittarius Mars tends to run toward a fire… good if you’re a helper, bad if your pockets are full of black powder.

Early Saturday morning, the Capricorn Sun tangles with Uranus, a trine. Anything goes, but Capricorn tends to be investment oriented and reputationally savvy. It’s still a “run toward the fire” versus “warm your hands over the fire” sort of influence. But it does look like more fun than fracas. This effect blooms in the New Year’s Eve run-up and celebration.

Saturday night, the Moon moves to Capricorn and a sextile to Jupiter. Later, Mercury moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, from Saturn’s rule to Uranus’. If you can hold your horses, Saturday night looks much better for a party. It’s somehow both more conducive to party vibes and to scintillating conversation while creating a calm atmosphere for restive nerves and satisfying action.

But I suppose that’s MY preference for a mentally exciting time over a puke-fest or a hookup. My preference is predicated on the fact that I’ve been there, so no judgement.

A new approach to New Year’s looks like a good bet tho. Whether you’re feeling maudlin or chasing a high because it’s a good time, keep your substance use mindful. Being clearheaded is a safety issue this year. For many reasons, not all of them obvious or knowable.

Sunday morning, the Capricorn Moon squares Chiron and trines Uranus in its run-up to a new moon conjunction with the Sun. If you kept your head clear this weekend, good on ya. You’re likely to feel better for it, mentally, emotionally, (spiritually), and physically.

You want to ride into this first new moon feeling that you’ve done the right thing, that you’re committed to doing, being, feeling into the right thing going forward. That’s no judgement from me. It’s about how YOU feel about you. Trust, you’re who matters.

Because this is a highly Capricorn moment of foundation building, let me reiterate: YOU are who matters. Everyone else matters too, but that starts with you. Get your head straight. Not only do YOU deserve that, but we all deserve to have you at your best too. We want that for you. I want that for you.

I don’t care about lists of resolutions. I care that we care about what happens to us and that we care about what we bring to the table to help others get there too.

The Cap Moon goes on to sextile Neptune by nighttime. Sweet dreams are made of this. Connection and feeling a part of everything around you is made of this. Fill up on the chance to tune in to the air you’re swimming in. Inflate your mind with a new orientation to your current place on earth.

Happy New Year! I love you. You MATTER.
Happy New Year, Marcy – you are missed.