lightI’ve been working with clients on year-ahead consultations, and invariably they have two characteristics – planets in the mid-degrees of fixed signs, and planets in Pisces or other water signs. It’s like they’ve been held down so long and squeezed so tight, but they can finally sense that the dam is about to break. They can feel a new dawn coming.

Jupiter in Pisces represents expansion, ease, and transcendence. It’s the internal manifestation of Jupiter, allowing us to forgive, relax, and imagine our ideal future. It’s the vehicle for our own inner utopia.

But for many of us, the window will be short. First, Jupiter is currently square the Moon’s Nodes, which can make this ingress feel a little raw. But you have to identify the wound before you can apply the soothing balm. But we may not feel that cool, healing sensation until after the Nodes change signs on January 18th.

After that, Jupiter runs headlong through Pisces, entering Aries by May! It will retrograde back into Pisces in October, but only to 28 degrees. This means that for most of us, our Jupiter in Pisces window is only a few months long! And that means we need to make the most of every moment.

So how do we do that?

First, actively work with Jupiter. Yes, Jupiter is the generous sky daddy, always ready to rain gifts on his children. But even with benefics, we have to give them something to work with. Look at where Pisces is in your chart and see what is there. What old hurts can be released? What fears can be transcended? How could this area of life be transformed to make it better than you ever dreamed?

Meditate on this. Let the changes happen inside of you first. Feel the ease. Float in Jupiter’s placid ocean. Forgive yourself for who you were and embrace and accept yourself for who you are now. And then, get planning.

Look to the future and plot your course. Figure out what will serve not only your desire, but your soul. Keep a journal or notes app to record impressions and ideas as they come. Make note of your successes and growth during this period. Imagine what obstacles you might face when building your new life, and then imagine how you might flow around them. Heck, imagine the next phase with Jupiter in Aries and see if there are any obstacles you can bash right through. I guarantee they exist, and I guarantee you can overcome them.

Because that’s the real lesson of Jupiter in Pisces – faith. We’ve all been crushed under the weight of the world in the last few years. And Jupiter in Saturn-ruled signs made it almost impossible to see a way out. But there IS a way, and it’s our job to find it. Jupiter in Pisces says that if we truly believe and we arrange our lives as if real joy and ease are possible, they’ll come to us without exception. Life may still be dark, and times are certainly still tough, but finally we have a crack in the wall. If we give it light, there’s no telling what will grow.

What do you plan to do to make the most of Jupiter in Pisces? Where is Pisces in your chart?

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