christmas elf sittingThis year, I went non-conformist and blew off, “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. Saturn Uranus, see? Business experiment!

I replaced these sales with a new deal which I hope will be permanent. I’m now offering 20% off any report purchase of $75 or more. If you hit the threshold, your discount will be automatically applied.

All reports and report packages are eligible. Yes, this means you can get a discount on reports that are already discounted. Everything on this page is eligible – Astrology Reports. If you buy a year of Lunar Returns, you’re nearly at the limit.

UPDATE – I thought this discount would only be applied to reports.  This is correct, however, WORKSHOPS count towards the $75 threshold. I didn’t know this until someone made a purchase of this type.  

I am pretty sure CONSULTATIONS purchased through the cart (not the paypal module) would give you same result.

To be clear, a purchase of $75 of anything, placed in the cart, will result in a 20% discount on any report purchase(s).

Pro tip – if you are buying multiple reports for yourself or another person, you only need to type in the data, once. You’re welcome to put X’s in the boxes on the other forms so you can be on your way!

Thanks, everyone. I truly hope this makes your holiday shopping very, very easy.