Monday boasts a fertile Cancer Moon that spends the day in trine to dreamy Neptune, each in the sign it rules. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? With Capricorn Mercury in trine to Uranus in Taurus, perhaps you’re thinking of a pink towel on a sandy beach… somewhere completely different than where you’ve already been.

Dream away, it feels delightful and you may have an unexpected breakthrough moment in the process.

On Tuesday, the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and retrograde Venus. Venus recently conjoined Pluto, moved past, then commenced a six week retrograde which will unfold entirely in Capricorn. Have you made any investments recently? These can be literal – with love or money or time, or solely in your head. The mood is ripe to assess your satisfaction with those investments. Feel free to squee and revel in your good fortune, or bask in the depth of what you’ve begun.

Tuesday morning, the Sun makes its annual move from Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius to Saturn-ruled Capricorn, mutable to cardinal – fire to earth. It’s a sudden shift in gravity. With the Moon in Cancer, we definitely feel the downshift. However, it can also bring a sigh of relief as it feels “right” for the season. We love our joy, but we also love our peace.

It’s a return of gravitas, a seasonal return. By afternoon, the Moon hits Sun-ruled Leo and the Moon quincunxes the SUN. ARISE and enter the dance of the eternals! Our mood brings light upon the earth, warmth to make the sand sparkle. If you’re not part of the drama, you’re likely part of the pointing and giggling at the drama. Politely of course.

Wednesday, the Leo Moon forms a grand trine in fire with Chiron in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius. Mars heads into trine with Chiron (exact early Saturday, Christmas morning) so the mood brings attention to their active relationship. Authentic action brings joy and they all feed each other. The more you feel good, the more you want to do the things that make you feel good. In this case, it’s personal growth and integrity! Healing takes place this week.

The Leo Moon also forms a t-square with the long term Saturn-Uranus square, the Moon opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus. Saturn will make the final of three exact squares to Uranus, exact on Thursday night/Friday morning. They’ll get close again in October but will spread out from there.

Saturn-Uranus energy has been an irritant for everyone, but it’s also the squeaky wheel that needs and gets the grease. If you need to kick a habit or kick someone to the curb, now is the time. I mean, you can do that ANY time, but this energy HELPS. It’s our “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” moment. Or perhaps it’s just the day where (soberly) we say, “I’ve HAD IT,” and shake the sand out of our undies.

It’s a chance to upgrade and not just leave something behind. Something is STALE, but also, something out there ahead is SPICY. Make room for the spicy.

Wednesday’s Leo Moon brings the spotlight to the boring or stale parts. In inimitable, warm Leo fashion: with flair. And possibly a musical number or interpretive dance.

On Thursday, the Leo Moon continues past the grand trine and the t-square – holding a bit of melody AND a bit of dissonance. Delicious drama that. It heads into its 29th degree and an opposition to (oh my!) a 29 degree Jupiter! What a scene! There’s singing or shouting, possibly drinking and laughing.

Sadge Mars is activated and we are compelled to kick up our heels in some fashion. Or to RUN. Hopefully in a good way. Mars picks up a sextile to Saturn, so it’s likely a good, fun run – rather than a sprint, screaming into the sunset.

Late Thursday is the exact Saturn-Uranus square, so that’s exciting.

On Friday, the Moon hits measured Virgo (whew!), and that’s enough of that foolishness! But it’s not the end of fun; what, Virgo’s fun! The Virgo Moon trines the Sun, earthy. This mood is a good dancer. It can follow and it adds to the overall effect of the spin. The mood can dance; it’s got MOVES.

The Virgo Moon goes on to square Mars and trine Uranus. As it trines Uranus it opposes the midpoint of the Saturn-Chiron sextile, and Virgo-ruler Mercury picks up a sextile to Neptune. Lightly, please, lightly… if you want to continue that sweet, sweet dance, don’t get bogged down in noticing the details. Let your (figurative) feet float and follow. Glide into a pattern you’ve never tried before with the ease of a dancer. You know you can dance, so do it.

Oh it feels so freeing! Enjoy the dance.

What are your solstice or Christmas plans? How did the full moon in Gemini hit your life this weekend?