tree and lightsThere’s a lot going on this weekend and most obvious of the bunch is the full moon at the end of Gemini. There’s less mystery surrounding the impact of this lunation than in the previous two (which were eclipses involving Neptune).

We’ve been chasing multiple threads unsure where to invest. With this one, we may not yet know where to slap our money down (figuratively or literally), but we can eliminate some of the options.

As always with windows and doors closing, we can concentrate and put more energy toward the ones that remain open or that will open in the present and future. Or, as someone else said, you can also go back and open those doors/windows again, BECAUSE THAT’S HOW WINDOWS AND DOORS WORK. The thing to focus on is that we’re trying to be clever here but not so clever that we have a breakdown over multiple choices. We want to narrow our focus to the opportunities that stand to make the most sense in our lives, the ones that bring us benefit, that we will enjoy.

We NEED to eliminate options so we can proceed toward the goal with confidence. So that we can take action, swiftly and wisely (with a Jupiter-ruled Mars).

Saturday night’s full moon in Gemini trines Jupiter in Aquarius. The Sadge Sun sextiles Jupiter. The Moon’s sign ruler Mercury is in Capricorn with an exact square to Chiron and a longer term trine to Uranus (exact Monday). Capricorn ruler Saturn holds a sextile to Chiron and a longer term square to Uranus (ruler of Aquarius where Saturn now sits).

The Sun in Sadge sextiles sign ruler Jupiter (exact Sunday). We have an opportunity to plot a course that’s not just good for us but good for all of us. It’s a course we can shout about!

The full moon and its myriad connections through Mercury and Jupiter show where we can eliminate extraneous threads, factions, and questions. Having to hang on to details and possibilities that are no longer relevant to the task at hand is cumbersome and uses up resources. So pay attention to the larger pieces that have emerged and let the scraps go. What makes sense, makes sense on a larger scale. Some bits of info turned out to be red herrings or not as important as they may have seemed at first. Or they gave way to something else.

For instance, some senses call our attention to a clue… once we follow that clue it has served its purpose. We don’t have to keep it.

Don’t be a clue hoarder. Its essence is stored in the longer story, so you’re not losing anything you need. You’re not losing something of yourself or your story by laying down the past and taking up the future.

All elements of the past that matter are encased in the story of the future. There is no need to grieve them either. They contribute to the joy of the future!

The leaves that fall, the ones we found so beautiful in the spring and summer… look closely and you see their pattern reflects the structure of the TREE. Bless them and let them go. When new leaves come again, they come from the TREE. The live leaves fed the tree. The dropped leaves fertilize the tree. WE are the tree.

We are refining our systems, eliminating detritus so that we function in an upward spiral: Onward and upward, better and faster. We are getting better at becoming who we are.

Also this weekend, early Sunday morning, Venus in Capricorn turns retrograde. We are going to go back over what we desire, our values, and in Capricorn, where we should invest and build. The base where we LOVE from.

Where is this rock I will build upon, build with? There will be some testing involved. But don’t fear it, though Capricorn sometimes defaults to fear. Solid structural change benefits us. We won’t lose what lasts and has value to us. Trust the process; you’re part of that process and you won’t betray yourself.

This retrograde period is slow and methodical, and we stand to benefit in the long run.

Friday night, the Gemini Moon opposes Vesta in Sagittarius. This time is marked with a devotion that is MOVEABLE. Mutable. It becomes what we need it to be. It works that way by mirroring what we sense and think, what we follow and what we discard.

Saturday night, Mercury squares Chiron and the Gemini Moon quincunxes Pluto and nearly stationing Venus. There’s a bit of grief in this, fear of loss though – not actual loss. Remember, nothing of our investment is lost. It resolves as we feel the future in the full moon opposition to the Sun – trine Jupiter. What fits our truest plans endures within.

Open your heart, experience the opportunity to be bigger than you’ve been. You’re more than you’ve let yourself be.

On Sunday, the newly Cancer Moon (its own rulership) is still full. Full of emotion, feeling, meaning. It heads into a t-square with the past exact Mercury-Chiron square. Nostalgia is a feeling that has an edge of pain to it but is wholly enjoyable. Nostalgia is something healthy where you can indulge your uncomfortable emotions today.

Let the feelings flow in your body. FEEL them. Physically note where they land and what you sense. This connects you to an authenticity that few are aware they lack.

Night’s end brings the Cancer Moon into sextile with Uranus. Ahh, that’s something new made of something old. I’ll follow that…

All weekend, Mars in Sagittarius trines Chiron in Aries. Move your body with joy if you want to learn and heal. JOY is in the motion! Also, SING. Bellow. Heck, yodel if you want. It just feels good and it builds authentic cheer.

What are your weekend plans?