mourning lossVenus in Capricorn is tightly conjunct Pluto and about to turn retrograde under the full moon in Gemini. It seems the truth is coming out and it’s stark.

I am not going to bother with what constitutes the “truth”.  For one thing, Jupiter is in Aquarius so to some extent, the truth is what an individual believes. I’m suggesting that things are becoming more and more illuminated as we head into the full moon.  The cold nature of things is inarguable, I think.

It’s as if there is not enough love and/or money in the world. These things are scarce for many. Even if you’re flush in this regard, perhaps is socialization you lack, or Venus-ruled self-esteem.

Saturn square Uranus is disrupting the status quo or perhaps the disruption (Uranus) is completely controlled (Saturn). Many believe this to be the case. If so, the “control” part of this may be disrupted.

I’ve used the phrase, “consolidate your losses” since Pluto went into Capricorn thirteen years ago.  Pluto will take something from you, every time. This doesn’t mean there is not a give back. I’m just explaining myself. Capricorn is all about getting and keeping your shit together. Sorry, I can’t think of another word right now.  AKA – consolidate.

Venus is involved a the moment which brings the love and money into it. If this conjunction aspects an angle in your chart (ascendant / descendent) or clashes with a planet(s) in your chart, you’ll have to factor that as well.

Venus and Pluto are conjunct my ascendant so this is quite intense for me which is good, as far as consulting goes. I have a lot of clarity and one of the things I see is people are recognizing that this or that lose is permanent.

This is not the worst thing that can happen. It is certainly painful but I’m you’ve heard, you often need to close a door in order to see the next one open.

It’s not just that.  When you’re constantly looking back, you’re losing the energy that might be applied to scanning the horizon and heading towards a new, happier future.

You can go a long time, never suffering a loss deep enough to register. When this happens, it retards a persons growth and maturity. When you do get hit – it’s devastating. However, it spares you living your life in delusions.  More here:

When You Suffer A Loss That Cannot Be Denied

I have told a couple of clients over the last week – it’s over. “It” is whatever “it” is, but chances are there is something in your life that is OVER too.

You may hold on a little longer. Venus will go retrograde but come Christmas, Saturn and Uranus will square off. This may be a good time to snap off OR it may be you snapped off something in error and reach to reconnect.

My point in writing this is to hopefully help you to slid down this bumpy mountain. Just the awareness that this is what is happening, can save you some grief, I hope.

The other important component is this – the fact there is a future.  And the world is full of stories of life after devastating loss.

Here’s this as well…

Venus Retrograde: December 19, 2021 – Consolidation

I think it’s a good idea at this time, to be as kind as possible. That doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you or that you don’t don’t enforce your boundaries. But I would not defend these things with any kind of malice. The karma or the call back from that may be a bit far more furious than you expect.

Last, assuming you’re up do it, I do know people who are methodically facing their difficulties, even thought they’re scared.

If you are not facing difficulties and you are not afraid, I certainly hope you’re pitching in to help others.

How are you doing? How are you dealing?