Coming off that BIG new moon eclipse in Sagittarius, we are just scratching the surface, contemplating breaking ground on fresh enterprise.

Mercury in Sadge is right in there at the end of the sign with big ideas and expansive sensual churning. Mars spends the week finishing up in the last degrees of Scorpio, powerful action, masterful execution. And Venus in Capricorn heads into conjunction with Pluto while holding a sextile to Mars.

We’ve got the dream team for the job at hand. Maybe these aren’t the placements ideal for every project, but this is precisely the energy for the inception of a BIG, powerful, complex story with a happy ending built in.

What we’re set to do now is INVEST. We’re going to enhance our vision, open up the field to ALL the possibilities, move the players into tactically blessed starting formation, and PLAY. Then we’ll get caught up in the story as it proceeds. THEN we’ll reassess the goal.

The hero of any story doesn’t start out with the same goal they had at the beginning, now do they? But the base goal flavor is in the same vein. How exciting, we’re all characters with backstory, but this particular campaign is novel.

The week starts out with a solid Capricorn Moon, sextile Neptune, heading into conjunction with Venus and Pluto, winding up sextile Mars. The mood is stable, based in tangible reality but reaching for something ideal and ineffable.

Needs and desires converge and flame up in motivation that results in fated but potent moves. We find our warrior stance, allowing us to pivot in the direction of our greater good.

We’re looking for the deepest, grandest outcome. We are looking to train up so we can get what we want and need. High ideals go nowhere without prep. Some of that prep is getting into the stance where we’re ready to move.

On Tuesday, the Moon moves to airy Aquarius as Mercury squares Neptune exactly. The Moon heads into conjunction with Saturn, sextile to Chiron, and square to Uranus as Mars closes its square to Jupiter. Overall, we grasp the magnitude of our challenge, if not the exact challenge itself.

That Uranus ruled mood gives us enough diffusion to center the task rather than the frustration. A challenge is a GOOD thing. We are on our way to where the goodies are, and that’s where we want to be. We need a bit of a kick in the pants to jump into action. We may be starting out in a bit of fog, but exploration is on the menu.

Wednesday the Aquarius Moon sextiles the Sagittarius Sun and Mercury. It goes on to conjoin Jupiter and square Mars overnight. Exploration is key. Get the lay of the land through the continued ebb and flow of fog. The Sadge Sun moves into square with Neptune as Mercury heads into sextile with Jupiter, so we’re actively getting our plans ticking and popping as we’re learning to navigate by a higher set of senses. Enhanced understanding is also possible, even if we don’t yet have a clear vision of the end game.

That increased drive for sensual input and enhanced thought builds through the weekend with Venus also moving ever closer into conjunction to Pluto as desires deepen. Thursday morning’s Aquarius Moon mood keeps it ticking along in the background like an itch that doesn’t rise the level of scratching.

By afternoon, the Moon hits Pisces… and it itches. By nighttime, the Moon sextiles Juno with Saturn on their midpoint. If we can’t scratch that itch, get a taste of our passion, it only becomes more ingrained. If we can, at least in some small or imagined way, it can feel delightful.

All week there’s a propensity to experience deepening and solidifying desire. It can also point out a powerful lack for some. For some the subject of that desire may have been deeply buried. Sometimes the rising intensity means rising shame. Sadge Mercury sextile Jupiter helps us in blurting the truth. The level of blurting varies. Sometimes we need to come out to ourselves. Venting is also appropriate and aids in getting a handle on our planning.

Friday morning’s Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus. All that itching and blurting and shame? It’s now ripe and ready to go down easy with some pie and tea. But only so much as we use that tea to connect to the part of ourselves that sees the value in all that weirdness we’ve been shaking out and down.

The Pisces Moon then heads into square with the Sun by afternoon and conjunction with Neptune by the end of the night.

Don’t get stuck in wallowing. You’re not likely to, but it’s the worst case scenario. Sometimes it feels good to wallow, but you’ll miss the opportunity to spin straw into gold.